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Posted by chasronw | Jul 07, 2013 @ 11:06 PM | 2,700 Views
Sikorsky S-39
Third timeís a charm; well the other two times were pretty good. This time I built the fuselage from balsa and ply. Same super Cub wing, Super Tiger .10 motor, 30 amp ESC, 3s 30c 1350 mah battery. The elevator servo is in the wing next to a strut, the rudder is pull pull, I mounted a servo in the fuselage for the tail wheel. I used Warheads gear set up for the wheel so thay can be up for water and down for land. Maiden today, she flew great right off the ground on trim required. Sheís a little heave at 34 oz. flying weight, not mean for acrobatics. As long as she gets off the water Iíll be thrilled. I built the hull as the original (as pre the pictures Iíve seen of the factory hull building). Flu three times, a little trouble with the landing gear, made a quick fix all o k now. Iíll try the get a video of water take off and landing.
Posted by chasronw | Mar 22, 2013 @ 10:54 PM | 2,480 Views
Working on a Sikorsky S39, built with a super cub wing, handmade foam fuss, All in all I looking at a good flier.
I installed the ailerons, refined the airframe, and installed a super tiger 10. The best flying airplane I had. She spent the night in the tall trees (about 40Ē up). Did a major rebuild new wing, all the struts, floats, and I did Warheads landing gear setup, works great. Was a great flyer my Spectrum radio went south as did the airplane.
Iíve started over a new balsa fuselage, changing the struts to aero aluminum, new paint job, still thinking about the push pull for the tail. Not quite ready yet, Iíll take pics this time.
I did get one bad picture before the radio trouble
Posted by chasronw | Jun 11, 2012 @ 11:38 PM | 2,431 Views
Working on a Sikorsky S39, built with a super cub wing, handmade foam fuss, BP 2212-13, no ailerons yet but there coming soon. She didnít get off the lake, and I drowned the 20amp esc (after corrosion X treatment, my luck) mounted wheels and she took to the air, a little adjustment will keep her out of the trees. All in all I looking at a good flier. Thanks to Warhead_71 for his wonderful thread, I followed it from the start like a book.
Iíll post pics soon