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Posted by Flahultarn | Feb 29, 2016 @ 04:41 PM | 2,854 Views
This will be a documentation of how I built a Skywalker clone to get the FPV-rig that I hope will fulfill my criteria, easy to fly, talking some weight and not putting me to the ruin if I crash.

I've tried different platforms for FPVing in the past and they have either been to nervous to fly or they have moaned under the extra weight. The latter holding true for my beloved Funcub that last Christmas flied its last session, one motor stopped (I had converted it into a twin engine thing) and it went to the ground from too high, too fast...

My flying skills might not be good enough for faster vehicles in combination with short range FPV, too easy to get out of range... so my aim here is to get a relatively slow flying thing to putter around with in my home surroundings. And a Skywalker seems to do just that.

So, when I stumbled over the project from Sfakias building his skywalker (found here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show....php?t=1603163) and so kindly sharing his plans I decided to make my own instead of buying it. I'm a dedicated builder just as much as I love flying...

With the plans from Sfakias as origin I made some thinking and looked over what I had to build from, and what modifications I wanted to make.

Foam had to be found, CF tubes to be bought beside the main spar of the wing, a strong 8x1,5 mm left over from some other project. The tail boom I was thinking of a section of an old fishing rod I had laying around to no use. And that's about...Continue Reading