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Posted by rab | Apr 23, 2011 @ 10:01 PM | 5,963 Views
I have an SE5a from PJMass plans that I liked. I have a 4site that I like but find rather fragile. I've seen the treads on ghost planes and like the look - so - I decided to bash PJMass's plans into a UM ghost type. That was January. I thought about using foam or balsa and this time decided to use balsa. It was never going to be a quick build but work has been totally nuts since some time in the fall. I'm hoping the 4site gear will fly it, we will see how much heavier it turns out.

After that - a simpler larger profile-ish Ambrossini ss4 to work around the torque role issue - an IAR80, and some glider rebuilds, and lots of maintenance on the planes that I fly now.

Here is an image of the skeleton/ghost SE5a in progress.

- Allen