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Posted by rab | Aug 02, 2009 @ 10:47 PM | 3,924 Views
So I decided to fix the HK450 by getting another one. Put the new one together and finished the set up yesterday. But I had pitch reversed, so right after lift off it drifted forward a little and when I pulled the stick back a little I nosed it right into the ground. The blades popped right off, the main rotor holder sheared off right where the flybar went through it. Today I did an inventory of parts from the first one and the second one and realized I had just enough good parts to put it back together. Then when I had it all back together I found that the main shaft had bent. So it will be a few more days till it is ready to go.

Balancing and the DR1, yes balancing the blade made a huge difference. I also adjusted the wheels so they don't wobble so bad too. I can fly it on 2S or 3S. At the moment 2S is what I'm preferring - the plane looks right going slow.

While I'm waiting for the heli shaft I think I'll go back and rebuild the d'Zee. I did not put that one together well, it is falling apart.

After that it'll be another QED. Although I've been looking at the Miles M20 too. We'll see, it'll be next week at the earliest before I will start that.

- Allen