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Posted by rab | Jul 08, 2009 @ 11:13 PM | 3,938 Views
I totaled my heli this morning. I've been trying to get to fly my heli in a race track or even just back and forth. The HK450 is much more challenging than the CX2 since I can't ignore roll. So when I got behind and could not get reoriented in time I ended up driving it into the ground hard. I have a bent frame, ruined blades, and most of the upper part of the head is bent or broken. I could fix it and upgrade the broken bits. But it will cost less to buy another kit and turn what can be salvaged from the crashed frame into spare parts.

My DR1 is bugging me. The bad bearing in the rewound BW is getting worse and the vibrations are now definitely affecting performance. But I do have another BW on the work bench now for rewinding, hopefully this one will not develop a bad bearing.

And on the note of bad vibrations. I think I have to pay more attention to balancing props. I have two planes that have minor vibrations that I suspect are due to their props.

I've finally got some video of the Viggen, of course it is currently 450mb of .mov file for 3 minutes of flying so some editing will have to happen before I post it here.

- Allen