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Posted by rab | Apr 26, 2009 @ 11:56 PM | 3,696 Views
I've pranged the DR1 again, entered a spin unexpectedly. I've been happy with the power system, a rewound blue wonder pulls about 16 ounces of thrust and uses about 250ma in 10 minutes. But I've not been happy with the amount of noise this plane generates. Somehow at the best flying speeds the plane gets an unpleasant growl going. I might try to address that when I rebuild this. I also thought it would slow down better than it does.

I flew a rebuilt dZee today, rebuilt in EPP this time. Flew nice and slow. But I tried to just use a single spar at about 25% of the cord, that resulted in a rather large flutter when the plane reached about 80% throttle. I'll add a spar as far to the rear as practical and another at the leading edge. If that does not seem to work then I may replace the main wing with some blue core.

I've been somewhat frustrated with my blade cx2. Saturday I figured out that I've made the cg too far forward. I'll have to rework how the gear is mounted to pull the cg back. I would like to figure out how to make a boom mount so that I can replace the stock body tail. That way if I move the gyro to the rear I could easily access the gyro's to pots. I'll have to pay close attention to the bottom rotor drive too, it seems like the bottom rotor spins a little slower that the upper rotor.

I now have ordered the last parts I should need to finish the HC450 I bought back in January.

- Allen