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Posted by rab | Mar 29, 2009 @ 10:35 PM | 3,450 Views
My last two weekend's flying have generated some repair work. Two weeks ago snapped my DR1 in half and rearranged the interior of my dZee, this weekend I made my Viggen need a nose job.

The DR1 was victim of a bad solder joint I made on a battery connector (it take over a year to fail). Lost power at fifty feet or so then made a graceless cartwheel landing. The fuse snapped in two just behind the wings. The repair was easy and finished the same evening. I've added some paint. I am planning to make a pilot and guns for this one.

The dZee was again my fault - it is too symmetrical- I could not tell if it was right side up or what, in the end I made a one point landing. The battery and motor both migrated forward through the interior structures. I should get to fixing it this week. I'll add a canopy which should fix the visual symmetry issue.

The nose on the viggen was messed up because I did not keep the battery warm, so it hit low voltage cutoff on launch and I was not able to restart it before it nosed in. I am not sure if I will attempt to repair or replace the nose. Either is possible.

- Allen
Posted by rab | Mar 21, 2009 @ 10:44 AM | 2,928 Views
I put this together in four days. I had hoped to fly it at an indoor event, but a friends new baby trumps a new airplane! So no it has not flown yet.

Yes it is a biplane canard, and yes the biplane wings are probably too close together, but I thought it looked good on paper, well QCAD actually but you get the idea. It might be quirky in the air but it should be slow enough that it tolerable anyway.

It is based on/inspired by GPW's FoamEz, a really great flier. It was aimed at (and hit) a wing loading of 3oz/sq ft. The wing span is 24in. I do still have the weight budget to put a canopy and some paint. But I'll do that after I see how it flies, in the mean time I'll go put some paint on that DR1.

- Allen
Posted by rab | Mar 15, 2009 @ 12:31 PM | 2,912 Views
So the DR1 is ready and waiting for it's first flight. But it is a wet drizzly day.

-- There was a break at the end of the day I took a risk with the long drive to the field and was able to fly the plane twice. On my second landing the wheel retainers popped off. The wires that link the ailerons have a very annoying rattle. Otherwise the plane flew around like I wanted it to. --

I've been planning how to paint the DR1. These thumbnails are my two favorite ideas so far.

- Allen
Posted by rab | Mar 10, 2009 @ 08:39 PM | 3,043 Views
Today finished de-kitting a bw motor I had turned into a kit with an unbalanced spinner some months ago. Put 15 turns of 26awg wire, I left the sixteen magnets it came with alone. On the bench with a GWS 9x5dd on 3s it made 16oz thrust for 7.8a and 84w. It is sufficient.

The DR1 is coming along, seems like it will be ready to maiden this weekend. So far it is on target to be under 12 oz auw, giving a wing loading just under 4oz per sq.ft. Between the light wing loading and the undercamber airfoil I am hoping for a very low stall speed.

- Allen
Posted by rab | Mar 08, 2009 @ 10:00 PM | 2,737 Views
Here is something that was put together in a week. It flies. The roll yaw coupling is amazing, a hard quick roll can also send you in the opposite direction. I'll fly it for a while until I think of something else to try.

- Allen