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Posted by rab | Oct 25, 2008 @ 06:34 PM | 3,129 Views
I went out an bought a used Blade CX, learning to fly it has been enjoyable. Some days I take it with me to the big field. That is actually more difficult than flying in my back yard. I've bounced it off the house a few times, run into a few trees. Replaced more than 8 rotor blades. I did not have any blade strike incidents until I put in a heavier battery. Since then I have had a few blade strikes.

I've revisited the Saab Viggen. This version still uses the GWS 55, now with a Hyperion P1913 6 turn 2.3 mm 4 magnet. This motor seems like a much better match to the GWS55 fan. The fan now generates about 15 oz static thrust for 18amps. I used 3mm depron and 1/4 inch blue core for the airframe, increased it's size by more than 15% and came out a few ounces lighter so the wing loading should be lighter (better). The plane is not painted and a number of details are not done, but it is ready for the first test flight. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow morning.

- Allen

The new Viggen flew very well! Plus a little fun with EPP Pete .