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Posted by Mr.GFC | Jan 30, 2013 @ 04:26 PM | 2,585 Views
A friend of mine built a plane for me called The Bullet. It's a fast mover in dynamic wind. But, after a couple of landings, the fuselage kept breaking just behind a fire-wall, just behind the wing-mount nut.
So, I got a copy of the blueprint and went into AutoCAD and redesigned the plane. I am currently still using his wing, but I did finally complete the build for the new fuselage.

Fuselage is 29.5" wingspan is 45.75"
2 servos, Ruder, Elevator, 1 servo per aileron. I'm seriously thinking about using either Flaperons or Spoilerons.....

Can't wait till Saturday, so I can get it in the air.