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Posted by Mr.GFC | Dec 29, 2011 @ 03:36 PM | 3,168 Views
This is my building table. Since I live in a small studio-apartment, I needed something that I could move around. This building table fit's against the wall, without sticking out to much. It's got a 56"x 23 3/4" glass top. The base is 53 1/2" x 17 1/2" and has 3 half width shelves and 1 full shelf that's directly under the glass. All of the shelves excluding the bottom shelf glide on wooden supports.
I also installed electrical outlets on both ends, with a step-down transformer from 220V to 110V, for connivance. Desk lamps are mounted on each of the back corners with 1 outlet to supply power for both, under the glass on the right-side.
It's pretty stable and supports the glass fairly easy without trying to tip over. The legs are 2 3/4" seasoned pine, with the same size as supports between the front and back-leg. I used 1 as a center support across the bottom, in the center and all are joined by tongue and grove with an anchor screw for extra support.
I use smaller sections of 1/2" glass as weight, to keep the sheeting balsa from warping.
All in all, it's proven to be a great little table that's just big enough to let me build pretty much any size model, without being too cramped for room. The fact that I can move it around on it's wheels, makes it usable at my desk, allowing me to work on planes when I have time, them push it back against the wall, out of place, when I'm not.
Posted by Mr.GFC | Dec 29, 2011 @ 03:08 PM | 2,895 Views
This is my 2nd wing with basic packing foam. It's got a balsa center pod, which I got the idea from, in another thread that had a link to a plane called the Bizz.

the center balsa section is just under 4" wide, with a replaceable foam leading edge, the CG is at 23%, had it at 15% originally, but it was very unstable.

It floats pretty well on a 10 k wind, does even better with stronger winds, being able to perform acrobatics. The wingtips do have Velcro attached winglets.

I used push-rods and buried them in the foam down to the trailing edge.