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Posted by Mr.GFC | Apr 22, 2015 @ 05:50 PM | 2,866 Views
I've started new project. Just got the parts cut on the laser. Used DEVFus to design it. I found that I had to modify every leg to accommodate the center divider, as the exported file by DEVFus does add a slot for it.
I also realized that I needed to make a gluing jig for the ribs to the Center Divider so I cut them as well.
Before pulling the balsa from the sticky board, i ran a width of tape to keep all of the ribs and other parts in place, as the guy with the laser wouldn't let me use the laser to mark the parts. (what a pain in the ).
So, here are the first set of pics I took last night when I got home.
Posted by Mr.GFC | Oct 17, 2013 @ 07:03 PM | 2,397 Views
Got the Flow 2.0 after several months.... Paige did a great job in cutting out the parts. Shipped 2 to me here in Lima, Peru.
Went through the new build video's and watched how he does his Rudder and Elevator. Didn't like his method so I spent half a day brain-storming to come up with something to suit myself.
My update is a strip of fiberglass cloth with carbon-tow reinforcements, wet-out with 30 min. epoxy wrapped around the aluminum tube. Works perfectly and I don't have to worry about it breaking down. (not that his does, I just don't like using tape.)
I also used 5 mil. laminate on the Rudder and Elevator. Made them stiff as a board and was easy to get them to straighten out, as the Elevator was a little warped from shipping.
I finished the tail feathers to get full movement as shown in his video's. Ended up having to cut the foam at the aluminum tubing at a slight angle to allow it to move passed 90 degrees L-R.
The composite tabs on the aluminum tubing will allow me to use the foam that I cut out-off the Elevator to fill the gaps and they will also be as strong and durable as balsa.... if not stronger. (Paige mentioned in an older video about how the foam starts to 'give' after a while.)
When I build the 2nd plane, I'll have to do the composite stuff before gluing the stuff to the foam. (I had to move the rudder while the epoxy set, as there was a little bleed-off and it would have glued the mechanism solid if I hadn't noticed it. I did get it to move perfectly with a little oil.)
Posted by Mr.GFC | Jan 30, 2013 @ 04:26 PM | 2,580 Views
A friend of mine built a plane for me called The Bullet. It's a fast mover in dynamic wind. But, after a couple of landings, the fuselage kept breaking just behind a fire-wall, just behind the wing-mount nut.
So, I got a copy of the blueprint and went into AutoCAD and redesigned the plane. I am currently still using his wing, but I did finally complete the build for the new fuselage.

Fuselage is 29.5" wingspan is 45.75"
2 servos, Ruder, Elevator, 1 servo per aileron. I'm seriously thinking about using either Flaperons or Spoilerons.....

Can't wait till Saturday, so I can get it in the air.
Posted by Mr.GFC | Dec 29, 2011 @ 03:36 PM | 3,163 Views
This is my building table. Since I live in a small studio-apartment, I needed something that I could move around. This building table fit's against the wall, without sticking out to much. It's got a 56"x 23 3/4" glass top. The base is 53 1/2" x 17 1/2" and has 3 half width shelves and 1 full shelf that's directly under the glass. All of the shelves excluding the bottom shelf glide on wooden supports.
I also installed electrical outlets on both ends, with a step-down transformer from 220V to 110V, for connivance. Desk lamps are mounted on each of the back corners with 1 outlet to supply power for both, under the glass on the right-side.
It's pretty stable and supports the glass fairly easy without trying to tip over. The legs are 2 3/4" seasoned pine, with the same size as supports between the front and back-leg. I used 1 as a center support across the bottom, in the center and all are joined by tongue and grove with an anchor screw for extra support.
I use smaller sections of 1/2" glass as weight, to keep the sheeting balsa from warping.
All in all, it's proven to be a great little table that's just big enough to let me build pretty much any size model, without being too cramped for room. The fact that I can move it around on it's wheels, makes it usable at my desk, allowing me to work on planes when I have time, them push it back against the wall, out of place, when I'm not.
Posted by Mr.GFC | Dec 29, 2011 @ 03:08 PM | 2,892 Views
This is my 2nd wing with basic packing foam. It's got a balsa center pod, which I got the idea from, in another thread that had a link to a plane called the Bizz.

the center balsa section is just under 4" wide, with a replaceable foam leading edge, the CG is at 23%, had it at 15% originally, but it was very unstable.

It floats pretty well on a 10 k wind, does even better with stronger winds, being able to perform acrobatics. The wingtips do have Velcro attached winglets.

I used push-rods and buried them in the foam down to the trailing edge.