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Posted by LightLake | Mar 18, 2012 @ 11:23 PM | 5,074 Views

It seems that syma helicopter will not let syma s107 stand out for longer time,though syma brought out a number of little RC helicopter last year,not a single one can achieve the accomplishment syma s107 made.However;the situation may completely change now.

Some guys like syma helicopter due to its strong body,well built structure and spare parts available everywhere,Some guys

like its well design looks and high cost effective performance.This time,syma 800G not only get all the advantages its previous peers have but also more surprise.

As a 4 channel little helicopter,it wonít change a lot,just move backward/forward/up/down,turn right/left,fly sideward,but have better sensibility with controller.Unlike the original flash lights,syma 800G offers a verisimilar searching light,making you feel itís not a toy but a helicopter for you to carry out mission.Upgrade gyro device equiped in this helicopter,it is guaranteed that it is more stable in flight.Whatís more,double protection security structure make helicopter flys more safety as it will be power-off automatically when chocked.The other specification almost the same as syma s107,so I donít need to repeat it.

Syma 800G is an absolutely new product now,it just hit shelves for a couple of weeks.With the promotion to this helicopter being better and better,I think more and more will like syma 800G just like they like syma s107.
Posted by LightLake | Mar 08, 2012 @ 03:03 AM | 5,773 Views

This Xpower 6020 helicopter once was sold more than 5000 in a groupon deal at the end of 2011.As a sale manager,I try to find the reason why it sells like hot cake.Unlike some little RC helicopter which has very stunning look and beautiful color,the designers of Xpower 6020 attach more importance on its practical function and performance instead of gingerbread.

With main structure made by premium metal material,it can resist more violent crashes than other around $20 helicopter,if the helicopter carelessly crash your wall,what you should worry more is your beautiful and poor wall.Artificial intelligence demonstration and induction system,the latest navigation system equiped in little helicopter,helps pilots easily control the copters and offer them a very stable and funny flight.Special arc-shaped canopy together with novel fire-shaped decorative pattern makes the whole helicopter like a customed one.What's more,Xpower 6020 now lists only $22.29 plus free shipping from lightake,I think it's a good chance to buy a Xpower 6020 for your friend or yourself.
Posted by LightLake | Feb 27, 2012 @ 09:18 PM | 5,850 Views

This year is Chinese Dragon Year as our traditional saying,so it's wise for toys manufacturers in China make some toys concerning Chinese Dragon concept.This DFD F105 is one of the best RC helicopter early 2012.
The whole golden skin of DFD F105 is eye-attractive and royal,most structure of this copter are made of alloy,some accessories,durable plastic,this combination material grants f105 a fasionable and future sense

I think this copter is designed on the basis of Avatar F103 undoubtfully,however;there're a couple of improvements in this copter,eg. more scientific streamline fuselage make your flight more smooth and fast,meanwhile,some simple enhancements in tail fin garantee you a easy and stable flight.Moreover;special side fly mode can make me easily do some beautiful and simple 3D movements,like side to side drifting.

Like all of other little helicopters,it is charged by USB or controller,very convenient.

This helicopter is created not only as a toy to kill time but also a hobby to cultivate kids' (over 10 years old)confidence and patience,also right for adults who can get some relax from piles of work.

F105 4.5-Channel Remote Control Mini RC Helicopter with Gyro Specifications
Model: F105
Color: Gold
Remote Control Distance: 15m
Remote Control Height: 10m
Charging Time: 30 min
Flying Time: 8 min
Dimensions: 200.0*125.0*108.0mm
Weight: 475.0...Continue Reading
Posted by LightLake | Feb 06, 2012 @ 03:20 AM | 5,764 Views
The IW500 Iphone Controlled RC Wall Climbing Car
Turning on your G-sensor, racing your car without the disturbance
of pressing buttons, enjoying yourself at your will.

You can't imagine that RC cars have been such exciting with the increasing growing of the technology,this great remote control car features 2 channels of fun giving you not only the common experience the other RC racing cars can give but also the ability to climb up walls.In gerenal,it just combines the function of the RC racing car with the 0 gravity car.
Apart from special skills,the rest seems to be common but more convenient in use. You can set up your device easily: just make sure you fully charge your car and successfully
download the i-space app from iTunes(it's free),then plug in the infrared dongle and turn on the car. It's OK.As for charging, you can via the provided USB plug or the infrared 3.5mm earphone dongle. If you ask, is it difficult to control the car? I will say even a baby can do it, let alone you guys(you are not baby ,are you?)

Iphone or the other Apple device can be your controllers. The I-car can move forward, backward,left and right.
There is a trim adjustment is on the interface of your phone with which you can control your car precisely. The high-end technology in this great model allows Climbing up walls quickly with accurate controls is a piece of cake. embedding an experimental vacuum device with so much power,it will never drop to the ground on you. To make it more exciting, you can ask your friends play together with you. Don't be afraid of the entanglement of frequencies, you can play your own RC hobbies through A,B and C independent frequencies. What's more,when the car runs ,your phone can transmit realistic race car sounds for adding some thrill and excitement to this toy.
More information please view here
Posted by LightLake | Feb 03, 2012 @ 04:14 AM | 10,000 Views
WL V911 4-Channel 2.4GHz Single Blade RC Helicopter with Gyro
New year,new helicopter.Maybe you'll say it's not that new.Whatever,I think this
helicopter worth repeatedly talking.

From the title,we can easily know that this helicopter,2.4 GHz,Single Blade,made by WLtoys.However,it is more than this.I don't know exactly which chopper is the world's smallest or the biggest or the first something helicopter,I just know that this helicopter is said to be the first outdoor mini RC helicopter.It looks like a replica of a big RC brand.Some ads read that"the shape, material, weight, as well as the flight performance, with quality exceeds 90% as that "big" brand but roughly 1/3 in price!"I think that is reasonable.
Regarding its flight,It is durable and light weight, as it is made of very durable and elastic materials. Aims for beginners, it is crash proof. Flies perfectly stable and easy to control, it can stand up and take off even crashed up-side down on the ground! This is a great model with more reasonable price for everyone, especially for those who are new to the RC circle.

As a saying goes in innovation"simplicity is the King."
WLtoys designer try their best to make the structure of V911 simple,so it can be very easily repaired when you accidently crash your helicopter and make it damaged.It's tail is driven by tail motor, which is the simpliest and most effective control way for mini helicopters.
Guys who fly RC helicopters for a...Continue Reading
Posted by LightLake | Jan 03, 2012 @ 10:26 PM | 5,783 Views
JXD 340 Drift King 4ch RC Helicopter w/ Gyro
Best product 2011--JXD-340 Drift King!!

4 CH Full Direction Control! Brings much fun for both Adults and Kids! 100%

Ready-to-fly. Great toy for indoor entertainment!

The JXD 340 comes fully assembled and is ready to fly right out of the box

after you charge the battery. This palm size helicopter have outstanding

performance in hovering. 4 Channels for flying it, able to move in 6

Directions. This would be great for those who are new to R/C toys! Be ware

that this toy helicopter is designed for those who are over 8 years old.

That's suitable from kids to adults!

This helicopter can fly very smooth and stable, thanks for the coaxial

structure. The full metal body frame protects the heli from crash, it won't

break easily. With incredibly good finishing, the whole body is just so elegant

and cool! 3 selectable bands, this allows maximum 3 helicopters fly in the

same area. This infra-red transmitter can act as the charger for the heli, it

needs 6 AA batteries to function. (Batteries are not included in the package)

Pay attention to the buttons located on the two top corners, they are the

LED light switch! You can switch off the LED light during flight to save some

power. The accelerate button on the right makes the helicopter fly in higher

speed, more fun! How to charge? Just plug the helicopter (switch off it first)

to the transmitter, then turn the...Continue Reading
Posted by LightLake | Dec 30, 2011 @ 03:44 AM | 6,724 Views
U809 missile launching helicopter
Which kind of RC helicopter is really good helicopter toy?
Different guys may have different opinions. For my side, I think the more like real helicopter the better this RC helicopter is.There are all kinds of nice helicopters in the market,which are well-built in both appearance and structure according to the real prototype,like syma s107 and avatar f103.However;seldom do they can launch missile until the release of U809 series.

This helicopter, combining all other little helicopterís function and features with the special missile launching capability, gives us the fun of air-to-air combat with your friends. This UDI-U809 is a different approach but looks like inexpensive fun. About $30 to $35. There are 2 buttons on the tx to launch each missile separately, kind of like a spring powered dart gun. I have found UDI helis to be good quality.Of course these are 3ch.As a entry level helicopter,itís super stable which means you can control it easily even you just fly it at first time,meanwhile,it can also be controlled by veteran for some amazing manuveour it can do.There are two missiles(6 missiles in the package) armed in the helicopter,you just need aim and fire and seeing the missile head to the target. The fun in flying this helicopter will belong to those who fly them,so donít hesitate.Pick one up and play.

3.5-Channel Launching Missile RC Helicopter with Gyro Features

Brand New 3.5-Channel Launching Missile RC Helicopter with Gyro
Exquisite high simulation and Cool design
Built-in Electric Gyroscope system technology for Steady flying
With colorful flashing light
3.5-channel ascending, descending, left, right, forward, backward, 360įexact direction hovering and launching missile movement
Built-in 3.7V 140mAh Lithium battery (include)
6 x AA Battery for remote control (not included)
8-14 minutes typical flight time per charging
Control range of the helicopter about 15 meters
Perfect for helicopter fans

3.5-Channel Launching Missile RC Helicopter with Gyro Specifications
Color: Blue
Dimensions: 230.0*55.0*110.0mm
Weight: 600.0 g
Posted by LightLake | Dec 25, 2011 @ 10:07 PM | 7,509 Views
I just find that a number of avatar clone helicopters came out recently.If you think the first licensed avatar helicopter is much too dear,you can have a look at this gunship helicopter.

Though there are many differences from their appearance,we can have the first impression that both of them are like those from avatar film.From the pictures,we can read they differ from each other,mainly in wings.The first avatar helicopter's side wings are more dominant and the tail fin is a little bit shabby,whereas the second one is a common structure helicopter with a alien helicopter look(it is in fact a coaxial helicopter).
The first avatar is 2.4G 4-Channel AVATAR RC Helicopter.As we all know,2.4G Hz mode has a more stable and farther control and make helicopter not easy to be interfered by surroundings(this helicopter is right for indoor flight,but if you fly outdoor without windy weather,it's OK for you to enjoy),while the second one is ordinary control mode,not stable control as the first one,however when you just fly indoor,it is definitely enough.In addition,4 channel VS 3 channel,the difference is not that big.The basic movements ascending, descending, left, right, forward, backward, high speed and low speed,both can do it and Built-in Electric Gyroscope system technology for Steady flying.Last but not least,the first avatar helicopter is better-built than the gunship helicopter,can stand heavier crash.
The first licensed avatar lists $56.99,...Continue Reading
Posted by LightLake | Dec 21, 2011 @ 04:49 AM | 6,226 Views
Air angry bird
I don’t think there is need to tell more about some detailed information about air swimmers any more. Most guys have already seen its pictures and videos, people must have known that how it assembles and inflates. However; guys may not know there comes the latest angry birds version air swimmers.
This new version flying aircraft shares the same flying performance as the air swimmers does, slowly walking in the air and turn left, right, upward, downward. Meanwhile, for the sake of its weight, it is just for indoor control. Power requirements for angry birds air swimmers is easy, just four batteries, you can fly this bird. As to the inflation, if you once inflated flying fish, you just did the same things like before, the gas you fill in flying angry birds is helium which is in expensive from flower shop or grocery store. You can fly your angry birds version air swimmers for weeks after a full inflation.
If you love air swimmers,you’ll love angry birds flying aircraft more.

2-Channel Air Swimming RC Fun Inflatable Floating Flying Air Angry Birds Specifications
1.Color: Red
2.Dimensions: 1200.0*800.0*800.0mm
3.Weight: 600.0 g

2-Channel Air Swimming RC Fun Inflatable Floating Flying Air Angry Birds Package Included
1.1 x 2-Channel Air Swimming RC Fun Inflatable Floating Flying Angry Birds
2.1 x Remote Controller
more product information from Reading
Posted by LightLake | Dec 13, 2011 @ 03:38 AM | 5,862 Views
Real Avatar Gunship - Review And Flight (3 min 20 sec)

AT-99 scorpion Gunship Review: 2.4 gigahertz 4 Channel RTF Aircraft $56.99

The new AT-99 scorpion gunship from is a fully functional 2.4 GHz 4 channel helicopter.
Itís a licensed replica of the aircraft from the popular James Cameron film Avatar.
The detail of the canopy is amazing itís very nicely sculpted and really looks good on the ground and in the air.
If youíre a fan of the Scorpion gunship design and youíve wanted one for your collection this ones only $56.99 and it comes ready to fly out of the box.


11 Ĺ inches wide
10 inches long
5 inches tall

Battery-7.4 volt 450 mAh Li-po

Flight time-7-8 minutes
Charge time-45 minutes
Transmitter-2.4 GHz powered by 3 AAA batteries
Rotor diameter-7 Ĺ inches
Tail diameter 1 inch
Gyro Stabilized Ė piezoelectric

First impressions

You get an aircraft a transmitter and a battery charger in the package but no extra parts.

Each rotor is a swinging 3 Ĺ inch standard coaxial helicopter rotor blade and they handle crashes pretty well and should be able to be replaced easily with standard spare helicopter blades.

The fly bars are made of a really nice flexible rubber plastic mix that can bend without breaking and they have metal weights for stability.

Itís basically 2 coaxial helicopters stuck together with a fan on the back but there is a lot of work that has gone into the mixing that makes it possible for it to...Continue Reading
Posted by LightLake | Dec 12, 2011 @ 01:15 AM | 6,592 Views
If you're still surprised with the innovative air swimmers(flying shark or flying clown and think of buying one for your kid,you're out.
If you just feel difficult to choose the right gifts for your youngsters,just look at here.

From the first piece of news about air swimmers in Feb to the great popularity of the second half year,flying fish goes from USA to every corner of this planet

both kids and adults are into this simple and easy but innovative items."Sharks"are not fierce and carnivorous any more, instead,they're shy and cute,it inspires not only our imagination but warms our life with unique creation.Now angry birds flying aircraft,in performance,is as well as air swimmers,but may win more eyesight than previous version for the universal acknowledgement of the angry birds game.
Posted by LightLake | Dec 06, 2011 @ 03:00 AM | 6,656 Views
The RC helicopter manufacturer will give us another surprise in near future.The latest 2.4G 4 channel avatar helicopter,the frist licensed Avatar helicopter,could surely impress people who had watched the great 3D movie Avatar before.Comparing with the previous avatar helicopter,this one looks like from outer space much more.The helicopter is superior workmanship and outstanding appearance,meanwhile;it can stand violent crash.

1. Image

Similar to previous avatar helicopters,at first glance,it is easy to generate such a feeling,this guy is from another planet and stranger.If you’ve watched the great movie,you’ll have that feeling.
...Continue Reading