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Posted by Steveis | Jan 22, 2013 @ 02:17 PM | 53,300 Views
I saw a few requests to be able to control the CamStab offsets from the transmitter so put a version together.

This will not reset any of your V1.5 settings.

Unless you have CPPM, it uses the Aux input for Roll Offset and M6 for Pitch Offset. Sorry, you can't use it on a Hex as I've pinched M6 and turned it into an input, unless you have CPPM.

If you want to use a Hex, I've got a new version where only the Gimbal Pitch is controlled via the AUX input. You set the Roll Offset in the menu.

The original values you have for Roll and Pitch offset can be seen in Camera Stab Settings but you can't change them unless you go back to stock V1.5. I don't use these values. To see the values it uses, look at the Receiver Test screen.

For the CPPM version, Roll Offset is fixed to channel 6 and Pitch Offset to channel 7.

Unless you use CPPM, Self Level is either always on or you can switch on and off with the Stick, as per setting in Mode Settings.

Be careful if you use M6 as an input. Only connect the signal wire from the receiver to avoid the BEC connected to M1 fighting with BECs on M2-M5.

Two new versions. Aux input for Self Level switch and M6 to adjust pitch offset. One version is for a standard gimbal and one version is for the Super Simple (SS) gimbal (thanks for Brontide for the code on that one). Same rule applies, only connect the receiver signal wire to M6.