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Posted by Steveis | Dec 27, 2012 @ 12:33 PM | 27,626 Views
Edit - New KK2 V1.6 NoLCD and PC Client V2.3 available here

Edit (12/01/13) - I have updated the PC_NoLCD client as the logic was incorrect for Servo and ESC selection.

Updated version with enhanced KK2 files.

NoLCD is a DOS program that enables you to set up you KK2 board without an LCD. It works with the standard V1.2 to 1.5 code with reduced functionality. For enhanced usability, update the KK2 board with the specially made NoLCD software and perform a factory reset using the PC NoLCD software.

The solution to a broken LCD (until HK start selling them) is as simple as I could make it. No cables to make up.

Requirements: -

Programming cable (the one you use to flash your board).
A PC that can run a command prompt.
A working LED on the board.
A working buzzer on the board.

Run the NOLCD program with the board connected to the programmer. The default programmer is 'usbasp' however, you can enter your programmer type at the command prompt: EG

C:\NOLCD>NOLCD usbtiny

Don't connect the battery to the KK2 board when using this program.

Why upgrade the KK2 board firmware with the NoLCD firmware: -

- Provides a way of checking the receiver signals (Receiver Test).
- Provides a way ot checking the transmitter trims (Receiver Test).
- Enables you to see sensor values when calibration fails (Sensor Test).
- Provides audio and visual feedback of status and errors.
- You still get the full...Continue Reading
Posted by Steveis | Dec 24, 2012 @ 10:41 AM | 21,675 Views
Edit - New KK2 V1.6 NoLCD and PC Client V2.3 available here

Finally finished the KK2 NoLCD PC software for V1.2, V1.4 & V1.5.

Works with the standard KK2 firmware or enhanced NoLCD firmware.

Instructions the same as here: -

I will post the KK2 board, enhanced, NoLCD firmware for V1.4 & V1.5 after Christmas - but you don't need it to fly. I have included the NoLCD code for V1.2.

Posted by Steveis | Dec 22, 2012 @ 07:16 AM | 22,697 Views
I get frustrated when poeple say that the KK firmware for the original board (without the LCD) is no good. All you have to do is be brave and trim your transmitter.

However, for those that have requested it, I've added some code to the KK Quad V4.7 and Tri V1.6 for the board to learn where Stick Centre is. This will help if you have the lazy motor 4 problem.

The code is now too big for the M48 chip so this is for the M168 and M328 chip only.

Everything is the same as V4.7 and V1.6 except the way to get the board to learn the Stick Centre but first you must set up your transmitter: -

a) Set to Aeroplane mode.
b) Centre all Sub Trims
c) Centre all trims
d) Put throttle trim to minimum
e) Do not set dual rates - leave all rates at 100%
f) Set end point adjust (travel) to 100%
g) Use Expo as required

Now, follow this routine to get the KK board to learn Stick Centre (it actually only checks the Rudder stick and assumes others are the same): -

1) Turn on the transmitter
2) Set Yaw and Roll pots to zero (usually CCW)*
3) Turn on Flight Controller
4) The led should flash slowly 10 times
5) Now, the KK board reads the centre of the Rudder stick
6) The led should flash rapidly to say it has finished
7) Power down the Flight Controller
8) Set pots to normal

* I didn't use the Pitch Pot to enter this mode as that is used to change the arming direction in the Tricopter software. I also like to be able to set the I term to zero when setting up a...Continue Reading
Posted by Steveis | Dec 17, 2012 @ 01:11 PM | 13,231 Views
If you have a receiver input on your KK2 that doesn't work (i.e. it is invalid on the Receiver Test screen) then you can try the attached software where I have swaped each input with the Aux input. It means you sacrifice the Aux switch on your transmitter but you can still use the stick setting to enable self level.

For example, if your Yaw signal is not working, flash your KK2 with the KK2_1V4_Swap_Yaw_Aux file and connect your Yaw output from your receiver to the Aux input (which is now programmed as the Yaw input).

The base code is V1.4

I have also added a file where the Yaw input has been moved to Motor8 and another file where the Aux input has been moved to Motor8.