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Posted by Steveis | Oct 14, 2012 @ 11:24 AM | 21,654 Views
Edit - New KK2 V1.6 NoLCD and PC Client V2.3 available here

Well, I've finally finished it. If you have a broken LCD then use this PC client and (if you want extra functionality) use the NoLCD version of KK2 code.

NoLCD is a DOS program that enables you to set up you KK2 board without an LCD. It works with the standard V1.2 code with reduced functionality. For enhanced usability, update the KK2 board with the specially made NoLCD software (there is also a Shane Colton ACC ModS2 version).

The solution to a broken LCD (until HK start selling them) is as simple as I could make it. No cables to make up.

Requirements: -

Programming cable (the one you use to flash your board).
A PC that can run a command prompt.
A working LED on the board.
A working buzzer on the board.

Run the NOLCD program with the board connected to the programmer. The default programmer is 'usbasp' however, you can enter your programmer type at the command prompt: EG

C:\NOLCD>NOLCD usbtiny

Don't connect the battery to the KK2 board when using this program.

Why upgrade the KK2 board firmware with the NoLCD firmware: -

- Provides a way of checking the receiver signals (Receiver Test).
- Provides a way ot checking the transmitter trims (Receiver Test).
- Enables you to see sensor values when calibration fails (Sensor Test).
- Provides audio and visual feedback of status and errors.
- You still get the full menu so...Continue Reading
Posted by Steveis | Oct 10, 2012 @ 04:35 AM | 13,336 Views
I am now keeping a bug list: -

Known KK2 V1.2 bugs

From KapteinKuK (

1: Arming LED stays on when entering the menu in "arming always on" mode.
2: LCD is sometimes blank on power up. Press menu to get the text to appear.

From Forum (

3: CPPM Setting Menu has Yaw and Throttle transposed.

From Steveis

4: Extreme throws can result in KK2 thinking stick is centred.

Notes: -

1 & 4 fixed in Branch SA2
2 never seen.
3 will be fixed in Branch SA3
Posted by Steveis | Oct 05, 2012 @ 03:48 PM | 15,745 Views
I know.......... my last blog entry was my code with Shane Colton's ACC Mod!

However, if you have a KK2 board with a broken accelerometer then this is the code for you.

Basically, the same as V1.2 but has anything to do with the accelerometer removed. And, if you really want old skool, just set all your gyro I gains to zero

Thanks to subaru4wd for testing and posting a great video: -

Thanks continues to KapteinKUK since all I really did was comment out his great code!
Posted by Steveis | Oct 01, 2012 @ 07:56 AM | 13,547 Views
I have added Shane Colton's ACC modS2 to the code.

I do consider this experimental - as does Shane. Details are here: -

I have no idea if the addition of this code could result in breaking the rule that the runtime between PwmStart and B interrupt (in PwmEnd) must not exeed 1.5ms.
Posted by Steveis | Oct 01, 2012 @ 07:53 AM | 13,637 Views
I've been adding functionality to the official release of the KK2 V1.2 code, fixed a bug and made it more robust.

I do not consider this code as experimental.

The main purpose of my code was to help people having problems arming and disarming. To that end, I have added an "Arming test" to the "Receiver Test" diaplay and corrected a bug that may have prevented them arming and disarming (the bug could have also cause a crash).

KapteinKUK holds the pen. Hopefully, he will consider my bug fix(es) in his next version of code.

Ok, here is my contribution to this great code.

There are two bugs that have been fixed and two changes to the User Interface.

V1.2BSA2 Changes since Original V1.2

Under the menu option "Receiver Test" I've added an Arming test. Check you can set to "on" and "off" by moving rudder stick on TX to max right and left.

Fixed a bug where extreme throws could result in the maths resetting to mid stick.

You can now check the version number from the main menu.

When the version is shown, I've continued to recognise Rolf for all his hard work.

Fixed a bug on Rolf's list, to fix - Arming LED stays on when entering the menu in "arming always on" mode.

This code has more funtionality and is more robust. I do not consider it experimental.