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Posted by sir_clive | Apr 15, 2012 @ 01:43 PM | 8,517 Views
Finally, my Pitts is Ready-To-Fly!

I rushed the final few steps a bit, I admit, but I'm very happy with the build.

She came out just shy of 700g (24.7 oz) AUW, with a 1300 3s LIPO - a real fatso compared to the 18-19oz advertised by Tony! Don't know how that happened, but I hope the good side of it will be that it will handle the wind better. Always look on the bright side of the life!

On the second thought, maybe the advertised weight was without LIPO, which accounts by itself for 122g (4.3 oz). That alone would bring me down far enough to a more acceptable weight.i

Servos: 4 x EMAX 9g (analog)
Motor: EMAX CF2215 (25A max, 1200kv, 59g)
ESC: HK BlueSeries, 30A / 3A BEC
Prop: "APC-like" 9x6E
Power (with the above setup): a bit over 20A / 250W - resulting in 166W per lb, which should be more than enough. She surely wanted to fly out of the hand during the static test, I had to hold her very firmly.

I had some troubles trimming the connector wires between the lower and the upper wing to the correct size. At the end, I resorted to a Z-bend, which made the things not exactly simple, but at least possible.

Looking forward to a maiden flight next weekend!

BTW, I really don't understand why the corresponding thread is not 1000+ pages long - this is a very nice plane and only a moderately complex build, what more can one expect?...Continue Reading