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Posted by Reginak | Sep 14, 2012 @ 11:32 PM | 2,567 Views
Yes, I am a girl in a world of boys. And belive me, I'm married with 2 beautifull kids.

But I like technology since I was 5, any crazy and complex tech. I do remember my friends playing with barbies while I was watching Carl Sagan's COSMOS with my father.

I'm also an architect in my country, Brazil.

I collect lasers, I have more than 20 lasers of many wavelenghts, some of these lasers were the first ones build by the laser community like the 2W 445nm below.

my laser channel, sorry not many videos:
2W 445nm Blue Laser versus 11 CD cases (1 min 5 sec)

And I love multirotors but unfortunately I'm not a DIY girl, my husband has to build everything. I have a skyjib6 + AV200 that I use for some "spare time AP" and a smaller hexa, and I'm getting an octo that I want to put Askman/Gary AG700 gimbal.

Anyway, you can verify my "girl" identity at

For now thats all I think...