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Posted by JurassicJet | Mar 19, 2017 @ 06:05 PM | 2,597 Views
After seeing one of these for sale, I decided to whip one up quick. This type of cutter will cut 1/8" stock really well but when you get near the 1/4 thick mark, it starts to "crush" more than cut. Nevertheless I thought it would be fun to just to have around.
The angle for the cutter arm was trued up in my small mill.
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Then drilled the arm for mounting the single edge razor blade.
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Next step was to mill a small recessed area for the "handle" of the razor blade to rest in.
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Posted by JurassicJet | Oct 06, 2013 @ 09:23 PM | 4,269 Views
The next order of business was to do some modification to the design. The original design had an interesting wing attach system, one that I did not fully understand. So I modified formers G & H to slant rearwards so that a belly pan could be fabricated. The wing will sit in the saddle with two 3/8" dowels holding the front in and two bolts in the rear of the wing to firmly attach it. Then the belly pan will mount by sliding into the fuselage with either latches or magnets holding the rear of the pan in. This all looks and sounds very easy but it sure seemed like it took me a long time to get this little task done.

Next step was the nose. The original plan calls for a balsa nose carved to shape. I elected to utilize some foam, fiberglass cloth and resin from US Composites. A little carving with a knife and then my random orbit sander along with a template, seemed to work well. First time I have ever used fiberglass and resin (for the most part) and I will say it worked quite well. The nose will be held on by two alignment pins and two rare earth magnets.
Posted by JurassicJet | Oct 06, 2013 @ 09:21 PM | 4,318 Views
Well, here goes nothing. I was going to do this as a build thread but I am worried that, if for some reason, I don't complete this build, then it will just be another build thread out there that has no ending. Someone suggested that I do it as a blog, which I thought might work.

What I am building is a 93" (or so) Bristol Beaufighter. It is from John Ronson plans from Traplet Publications. His original design was for electric, which I will also utilize but John had geared motors with what I believe were possibly NiCad batteries. I will be utilizing brushless motors, most likely in the 440Kv range Motrofly motors from Subsonicplanes.com, with two(2) 5000mah 6 cell Lipo's for the juice. Have not decided how I am going to wire this all up exactly yet but I have a large TF B-25 that I have been messing with so I should be able to figure this out relatively easily.

So to start, I should mention that I have no CNC machine (yet) and I did not send this to a kit cutter because of time and money. The fuselage is built on a jig which I made out of two pieces of 3/4" plywood on edge and glued and air nailed to a piece of 3/4 mdf board. Along this jig there are plywood "bars" nailed to across the jig at set station points relative to the nose. The formers for the fuselage are then attached via pins or thumb tacks to the bars which allows for correct spacing and a nice straight center line.

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