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Dave Hamm shared his recent project with us, a portable solar tracking mount. The idea stemmed from the realization that people have been building portable solar generators for emergencies, camping trips, boating, etc., but few have any sort of mount for their unit. Similarly, Dave had a portable solar power generator unit, but got tired of positioning it. He wanted a sturdy mount that wouldn’t be knocked over in the wind.

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You can see his general design in the diagram above.

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Last week we had fun taking a little break from our workday to fly a DJI Global Inspire 1 that our video team is planning to use for some cool shots over the coming months. Here are a few images of our team watching the awesome DJI Inspire buzz around our office building...
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We have expanded our Scholarship Program to include student RC hobbyists!
In 2014, we were excited to launch a scholarship program providing $500 to a high school senior pursuing a degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) field. This year, we are continuing to offer a STEM scholarship; but we have also added a new scholarship category for students involved in the R/C hobby!

At ServoCity, we have a diverse customer base and we wanted that to reflect in our scholarship program as well. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide two students with funds to help them reach their educational goals.

We are now accepting applications for both scholarships. Please see below for more detailed information regarding the scholarships and how to apply. The application deadline for both scholarships is March 31, 2015.

If you know a student that would qualify - please pass this link along:

Scholarship Information
How to Apply:
If you are a high school senior with at least a 3.00 GPA, you may apply by completing the online application (here) by the March 31st deadline. ServoCity only accepts online applications. Mailed applications will not be reviewed.
How Can the Scholarship be Used:
The Scholar has one year to use his/her full award. In addition to using funds for tuition at an accredited college or university, Scholars may also use their funds for other educational expenses, such as...Continue Reading
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At ServoCity, we’re super lucky to have the opportunity to support various organizations, schools, projects and events. Some of our favorites include the multitude of R/C events across the country. Every year our team at ServoCity lays out the schedule for upcoming fly-ins, racing leagues, and robot competitions. Even more exciting, is when we see these events raise support for local and national charities. One such event is Wings for Wishes over Washington through the Miniature Aircraft Association. Clark Hymas, RC pilot and club member was kind enough to give us a better insight of the importance of Wings for Wishes and the role his club plays in raising funds.

Just a little background information on the Miniature Aircraft Association. It was founded in 1994. The ground is “Leased” at no cost other than upkeep from the Benton County Parks Association. (If you google Higgins Field it will take you right to us). The club started by flying off of what is know as dryer belt, similar to Geotex. Through the years the club managed to pave the runway, drill a well, and add an underground sprinkler system.

I became a member of the club in 2011 after being out of the hobby since the mid 90’s. Wings for Wishes wasn’t my idea. I heard about a Wings for Wishes event that was done in Montana in 2011 and is an event designed to raise funds for Make-A-Wish. I contacted Eric Kendall, the event organizer, and asked what his thoughts were about us doing a similar event in...Continue Reading
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What is a buffer-booster extension?
A buffer-booster extension is basically a servo signal amplifier. It boosts the signal from the receiver so that the servo receives a cleaner, clearer, more powerful signal.

Under what circumstance is a buffer-booster extension needed?
Whenever you are running a servo over a considerable distance (24"+) from the receiver or you are running two or more servos off of the same channel. Each servo absorbs a little of the servo control signal coming out of the receiver. As more servos are added, the signal to each servo is weakened. The effect of multiple servos (as in two or more servos on a Y-harness) add up and therfore may cause jittering or lack of constant control.

Does is it matter what voltage of battery is being used?
Some servos utilize circuits that set an input threshold level at a certain fraction of the line voltage so that any signal below the threshold will be rejected as random noise. Unfortunately, the threshold is normally about 50% of the power supply voltage. This works fine for 4.8V batteries (threshold is 2.4V) or partially discharged 6V batteries (threshold is 3V) but a fully charged 6V battery peaks out at 7.2V (threshold of 3.6V) or multiple servos on a 6V system threshold 3V but multiple servos load the receiver output to below 3V which leads to intermittent or jittery operation. A buffer-booster will increase the line signal voltage back up to your original power supply input levels.

Think this might be something that would be helpful for your projects?
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This is a helpful blog we recently posted on our ServoCity blog page, but wanted to share it on RCGroups as well. We appreciate our friend Mike Winklepeck for authoring this guest blog for us!

Disclaimer: Please refer to your Battery and Charger Manufacturer for instructions and recommendations to properly discharge or storage charge your LiPo batteries. I can only give you my recommendations based on my experience and knowledge.

Safety Concerns: Always, Always, Always take extra precaution to store your batteries in a proper storage state chemically, in a temperature safe place and in a LiPo storage bag. Never discharge or charge your batteries unattended unless you don’t mind your house or shop burning down! If you have a LiPo battery that is damaged in any way, physically or puffed (outgassing), dispose of it properly right away.

Ok enough of the legal and disclaimers! As I write this most of us are starting to hit weather that is not conducive to flying because let’s face it, it’s just too dang cold. So we begin our sad phase of the season by storing our RC Planes, Heli’s, Multi-Rotors, Cars and Boats for the winter. But what about our batteries, are they affected by the temperature in the house, garage or shop? Can they go bad while just sitting in the LiPo bag for the winter? Can they become chemically unstable and start a fire while just sitting there? Absolutely to all three questions! While the last question is highly unlikely it still can happen....Continue Reading
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Check out the Stacker Robot starring in the Golden Ticket Video:
ServoCity Golden Ticket Giveaway (0 min 57 sec)

View all of our Cyber Monday deals:
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Cyber Monday 2014 is just days away, and we're offering HOT deals for our customers.
From a chance to win $500, to savings up to 85% off - we've got some awesome promotions going on!

Don't miss the opportunity to SAVE BIG by shopping at ServoCity on December 1st.

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This past week a few of our R&D crew had fun building a drag racer out of Actobotics. It's a pretty simple design and would be a fun project to duplicate and then customize.

Watch the video to see the dragster in action "off the line" and check out some more close-up pictures below. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments!

Dragracer (0 min 11 sec)

Here is a parts list for those of you interested in building something similar. We'd love to see any improvements or customization to our design!

1 - 4TMD: Foam Wheels
1 – 638286: 1,621 RPM Planetary Gearmotor (
3 – 585436: 45° Channel Brackets (
1 – 585426: 45° Dual Angle Bracket (
1 – 585412: 4.62" Aluminum Beam (
2 – 585580: Flat Triple Channel Bracket (
1 – 585454: 12" Aluminum Channel (
1 – 615406: 6mm bore, 24T bevel gear (
1 – 615398: 1/4" bore, 24T bevel gear (
2 – 634074: 2.5" Long 1/4" D-shafts ( Reading
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Recently we had the opportunity to share a story in Robot Magazine, about a company we find inspiring and are honored to have worked with on different projects.

It’s always encouraging to learn about companies that are harnessing robotic technology to better the lives of others. Richardson Products, Inc. is a medical equipment company that is going above and beyond to serve their customers, and we’ve been honored to work with them over the last several years. The company is a family owned and operated business that manufactures and distributes high quality home medical equipment. The owner, Richard Richardson, is described by his employees as a man of extreme integrity – and their company mission is a reflection of his core values.

Robert Rossi is the head of the electrical engineering department at Richardson Products and he is supported by Chris Daley and John Reinbold. Together they design and build innovative products that have a significant positive impact on the assistive technology field. They manufacture a variety of different robots, trays, seats, electronics, and specialized powered devices.

One of the robots manufactured by Richardson Products is a device called the Meal Buddy – a robotic arm feeding system (pictured above). The base of the system is a ServoCity bottom mount gearbox (SPG785A-BM) with full metal gears and 915 oz-in of torque. This robust base unit provides a panning motion allowing the...Continue Reading
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We recently asked our customer and friend, Mike Mikkleson ( to guest blog for us. He came up with something really cool, and we wanted to share it with the RCGroups community as well. Check it out!

Building an Actobotics Kite Aerial Photography Suspension Rig

The Kite Aerial Photography community is one of those groups where the members are sort of eclectic, and get tons of enjoyment from capturing unique aerial imagery by hanging a camera from a kite. Anyone who has tried KAP gets not only the satisfaction of flying kites, but the reward of seeing a bird’s eye view in the images. I was hooked from the first session, and have been flying cameras on a string ever since. You’ve decided that you want to be part of “that” group, and want more information on ways to get started. As a KAP nerd, I think I speak for the entire group by saying, “Welcome!”

Click here to view the Kite Aerial Photography flickr group

People have been using Kites to capture aerial photography for over a hundred years. George R. Lawrence made a name for himself using a series of kites to lift a 50 pound camera in 1906 to document post-earth quake San Francisco. Most modern day kite photographers use a suspension rig which was designed by Pierre Picavet way back in 1912. What has changed is the quality of the cameras, the design of the rigs, and even instant gratification in seeing the images through wireless networks. I will focus on the actual rig that...Continue Reading
Posted by ServoCity | Apr 22, 2014 @ 09:01 AM | 14,941 Views

Instructables Motorized Camera Dolly Project
Last week we sponsored an Instructables Project and we are excited to finally share the finished build with you!
The Instructables team did an awesome job of designing and implementing this project and we hope you enjoy reading about it as well as trying it out for yourself. Our line of Actobotics precision building components are extremely versatile and there are countless ways to build a similar rig - however, this detailed project log from Randy will give you a good overview of how to get started...enjoy!

“Recently I received the opportunity to try out Servo City's Actobotics build system. While I could have used it to build a great many things, I ultimately decided to make a programmable camera dolly system. This device allows me to create time lapse films with complex movements as well as program repeatable automated real-time camera movements. In other words, this rig allows you to smoothly film complex camera movements in time lapse and real-time.”
- Randy, Instructables

For project details as well as step by step building instructions visit:

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ALERT: Super awesome customer project photos ahead!!
So we've been asking our customers to send in their project photos to receive 10% off their next order (details here if you want to participate: Anyway, we've been blown away by the cool pictures and links that you've been sending we wanted to share.

Enjoy! And if you have a project photo to share, send it our way - [email protected].

Another great build for his timelapse fleet from Mike Mikkelson. Here is his recent eMotimo TB3 Hyperlapse Rover. To see more photos visit his blog

Stephen S.'s phase two of his solar tracker mount. This supports a full-scale 158W 27” x 56” solar panel.

A recent project from Mike where he built an RC rover utilizing our PT785-S to achieve close up, wide angle wildlife shots.
...Continue Reading
Posted by ServoCity | Feb 07, 2014 @ 11:27 AM | 15,411 Views

(This article is from our recent blog post, found here:
...Continue Reading
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Our techs are always working on projects, both at work and at home. They are also constantly interacting with customers and learning about the roadblocks and issues that many RC builders face...and helping them come up with solutions. We try to post a Tech Tip on our social media pages about 1 a week. But we also keep a running archive of them here: This week, we thought we'd post a few of the most viewed tech tips. Hopefully you will find one or two of them helpful! If you have a topic you'd like to see covered in a tech tip, let us know in the comments!

1-14-2014: Another use for flat snips
As hobbyists, we all have our favorite tools that tend to get used more than others in the toolbox. Some even get used for intentions other than what they were designed for. One of our common misused tools is the flat snips. These snips work just fine cutting wires, zip ties and other small items, however they also work well removing brass pinion gears from servos, and even tightening up ¼” diameter aluminum standoffs. Our brass servo pinion gears have a broached spline that is a very snug fit when going onto the servo. This does mean however that it’s a bit difficult to remove the servo pinion gear from the servo if needed. Using the flat snips, you can grab down in two valleys of the gear and wiggle the gear back and forth to remove it without damaging the gear or the servo. The tool can be used in a similar fashion to hold an...Continue Reading
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We are thrilled to have a guest blogger this week - Scott Fitzgerald. We think you will really enjoy his project/story!

I would like to introduce myself to the ServoCity Online Community. My name is Scott Fitzgerald. I am a Commercial Pilot with a background in Aerospace Engineering. Over the past few years, I have been an active parent/volunteer in my local school district promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.

My work with the school began while participating in my employer’s educational outreach program. This quickly evolved into something much broader and has ultimately inspired our school district to launch a curriculum enhancement initiative to place more emphasis on STEM education. Our projects have received some great media coverage which is fun for the kids and promotes awareness in the community. Projects include three near space balloon launches, a radio controlled airplane design project, an electrical energy demonstrator, converting children’s ride-on vehicles to solar power and our latest endeavor, the Planetary Rover Project.

Here is video footage of the space balloon project.
NSB Columbus on NBC Nighty News (0 min 28 sec)

Patrick Clark Reports on NSB Columbus (3 min 16 sec)
...Continue Reading
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We’re excited for 2014 because we have a lot planned! Below we listed the Top 14 happenings we’re enthusiastic about in no particular order.

1. Release of Actobotics™ Kits
2. Awarding the ServoCity Scholarship (
3. Going to the Bay Area Maker Faire
4. New Actobotics components
5. Launching our Customer Project Center (
6. Shipping method improvements
7. Sponsoring more Fly-ins and R/C Events (
8. Contests, Contests, Contests!
9. Launching the Official ServoCity Blog - we've got some great guest bloggers in the line up
10. More and Bigger Giveaways - like us on Facebook for chances to win (
11. Yoda the shop cat turns 7!
12. Big Sales! - be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified (
13. New Video Tutorials
14. ServoCity Forum Launch

Yoda turns 7!

We appreciate the support we received from the R/C community in 2013 and look forward to growing our relationship with you in 2014!!
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Good afternoon,
Cyber Monday is just one week away! Be sure to visit for deals that can't be beat!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 (use discount code: FREESHIP)
Savings up to 80% OFF select items such as servos, wiring, connectors, controllers, ServoBlocks, horn packs and much more!
Remember, friends don't let friends miss a big sale like this...spread the word!

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We have recently revamped our line of Servo Power Gearboxes! Our gearboxes have always been top-of-the-line and super powerful (up to 3,402 oz-in of torque!) but now offer upgraded features and a more durable construction.

For starters, all of the servo power gearboxes that use an external potentiometer are now digital rather than analog. Digital servos provide more torque, higher precision, faster response times and are fully programmable. The programmable features allow the user to tailor the servo to perfectly fit various applications.
...Continue Reading