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Posted by hersch54 | Dec 20, 2012 @ 10:35 AM | 2,282 Views
Well while I wait on HobbyKing to send me my parts for my A7 build, I will start a F8 Cursader build

I took GGRN's plans and enlarged them so the fuse about 40". I will build this the way Hans builds his planes. I take a profile view of the plane and cut it out of pink FFF. I then tke a CF rod and imbed it in the center of that profile. I then cut the ribs (also out of pink FFF) and glue them on to the Fuse profile. Once this is completed I then cut brown paper templates of the shin to insure I get a proper fit. Once satified with the template I transfer that to $tree foam. I use $tree foam because it eill bend easier around the ribs. I use fabric glue I get from Wal-Mart. This stuff is the best stuff I have used.

With the templates I can get very tight seems . I hope this will reduce the amount of sanding and filling.

I plan on using 3/4 oz FG and WBP like John Morgan does on his builds.

I started working on this last night and with in two hours I had gotten all the ribs cut and glued on and even added a few skin panels.

I will add pics later today.

Here is the build Tread

Posted by hersch54 | Nov 27, 2012 @ 09:05 AM | 2,348 Views
Well this is my first blog and I hope I am doing it correct. I do this in honor of John Morgan the King of the Blogs. I read all of his blog and realised this is the best way to share and if only my work could be more like his I would be happy.

I will be constructing an A7 Corsair from Hans' plans. These Plans seem to be very good. I like the way he does his plans. Each of the frames are correct and fit very well. The only change I would make is I would not use the top profile. I would make shelves to hold the Batterys and servos. This modle I did not do that but would if I had to do it over.

Here is the thread of this build.