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Posted by Rat Brother 1 | May 28, 2012 @ 03:53 PM | 4,896 Views
Kits and plans here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show....php?t=1012551

Motor: HXM2730-1700kv
Servos: Hextronik HXT900 9g
Prop: APC 8x6 slow fly
Spinner: DU-BRO 1-3/4" Dia.
Battery: Gens Ace 800mAh 2S 20c
Weight with battery: 10-5/8oz. (303g)
Paint: Createx Opaque (red & white), Testors (aluminum), SpectraTex (for the sky blue; custom mix)
Panel lines: Fine tip Sharpie

Purchased this as kit last year and after starting it I put it on the back-burner until the beginning of May. Made the exhaust stacks out of scrap foam that came with the kit and shortened the ailerons at the tips for a more scale appearance. The leading edge also has a wood dowel set-in for added strength from the root to the tip of the KF airfoil. The bend was made by soaking the tip of the dowel and nailing it to a board overnight to match the curve in the wing tip. The whole airframe was treated with a mixture of lightweight filler, WBPU, talc, paint (white) and water, than sanded smooth. I took a little to much off the underside though . The joint where the wing meets the fuselage was filled with a epoxy- micro balloons mixture using a Starbucks wooden coffee stick to get the curve constant. Ditto for the scoop on the belly. The stars were painted using Grafix Low Tack frisket film that I got at Michaels. The canopy was all hand done after making a template from Ken's plans that I cut out and penciled onto the fuselage.
Posted by Rat Brother 1 | May 04, 2012 @ 02:00 PM | 4,515 Views
Motor: FancyFoam 50g 930kv
Servos: GraysonHobby 9Gram Micro Servo (had them sitting around)
Prop: APC 10x4.7 slow fly
Weight with battery: 16.1oz. (480g)

I used the FancyFoam plywood motor mount installed with slight right thrust, and the landing gear kit. I CA'd a piece of fuel line on the inside of the axel and a self-locking nut on the outside to reduce wheel wobble. I also stiffened the fuselage by adding a 5mm x 3mm x 24" carbon fibre strip set into a slot on the inside of the outside fuselage doublers (each side) from the back to the underside of the wing for extra stiffness. If you go this route mount the CF about 3/4" down from the bottom of the horizontal fuselage section so that you have room for the servo pockets for the elevator and rudder. I found that the control rods for the elevator and rudder flexed a bit but solved the problem with a couple of cable ties used as guide/supports.

Went through my typical ground check and range test before the maiden and took her up. NO TRIMMING REQUIRED!!! Seriously! Put it through its paces and brought it up and killed the motor... glided beautifully. Roll, perfect. Knife edge, ditto. Elevator to harrier landing, all smiles.

Second flight, new battery and all I can say is WOW! Pointed it skyward and gave it some extra throttle and watched it climb until it spit off the prop. Brought it down to a perfect dead-stick landing with an ear-to-ear grin.