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Posted by glassdogangle | Sep 13, 2012 @ 02:55 PM | 3,795 Views
Probably my best FPV video to date. For more, go to youtube and search my channel: glassdogangle

Newport Beach GoPro FPV Skywalker - Send Me An Angel (6 min 0 sec)

Posted by glassdogangle | Sep 13, 2012 @ 12:15 PM | 3,658 Views
Here is some basic 3D with my brand-spankin new E-Flite Blade 450 X!

E-Flite Blade 450 X - Basic 3D: Flips, Loops, and Rainbows (6 min 57 sec)

Posted by glassdogangle | Feb 12, 2012 @ 02:30 PM | 3,805 Views
mCPX with onboard 808 keychain cam. Housing removed from camera, black tape wrapped once around it, then glued to two toothpicks. Then, toothpicks glued to landing gear with strong thread wrapped around for added strength.

Completely stock heli, except for tail rotor. Very fun, can video from heights, and buzzing the tower is fun. However, I wouldn't try any aerobatics with this setup. One time the tail blew out just doing some fast forward flight...
Posted by glassdogangle | Nov 26, 2011 @ 04:17 PM | 5,427 Views
I am finally learning how to loop helicopters.
It is easy once you get the hang of it.
More complicated than fixed-wing, that's for sure.
Dougs Blade mCPX doing loops and stall turns at West Albany High (2 min 55 sec)