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Posted by Noofly | Aug 25, 2012 @ 10:00 PM | 8,732 Views
I recently built and flew the Seagull Mini Nemesis EP carried by Horizon Hobby here in the US. I must say I was impressed with the quality of the ARF. There are a few things I thought could have been better but overall am pretty pleased.

- First you need 5 servos - 2 for the elevator which means you need to mix channels or buy a Y reverser.
- I wanted to use some left over HS55 and had to widen the servo holes in the fuselage. Turns out only stringers hold the servos in place on the long sides so broke two of them. Minor fix but I guess I should have stuck to the suggested HS50 size.
- The battery hatch does not go all the way under the cowl so there is a gap between it and the cowl. See pics below.
- Instructions called for wheel axles to be cut to size. Why not just cut them at the factory since the wheels a provided. I guess it is to accommodate large wheel options. I left the axels as they are, they probably would have fit under the wheel pants as it. I also left off the wheel pants since I fly of grass.
- The spinner wouldn't allow enough threads for the prop adapter nut so I used a Tru-Turn spinner which fit and looks awesome. If you haven't used a Tru-Turn spinner check them out at:

- Pretty straight forward and quick build for an ARF.
- Flies great.
- Very quick.
- CG in the instructions was bang on.

- She needs speed and loves to snap. She snapped out of loops and even hammerhead turns if too slow.
- If you love to snap roll she is the plane to have.
- Have to keep up a little speed to land her. A little fast for her size.
- She will do inverted pretty well.
- I wasn't able to knife edge her very well.

All in all a really nice flying airplane once you get used to her. One of my favorite at the field.

Check out the pics !
Posted by Noofly | Aug 25, 2012 @ 07:36 PM | 2,438 Views
My Great Planes Cherokee. Fantastic flying airplane !!