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Posted by MIRV | Dec 31, 2011 @ 07:56 PM | 2,252 Views
In this blog I'll try to chronicle my Quad build and my reasonings behind some of my parts selection choices.

Last Spring I had some extra change jangling in my pocket and fell in love with the Dynam A-10 model. Not long after, the Airfield T-28 became available. With grandious plans, I envisioned epic, sweeping, Oscar quality arial videos cascading from my video monitor.

Both planes can carry a good bit of payload weight, but the aerodynamics required to keep them aloft negate the use of any decent sized video camera or DSLR hanging off the bottom or sticking out from the top. A plane's speed was something I wouldn't need either, for the types of footage and pics I wanted to shoot. Though both planes are fun to fly, neither was very practical for my arial photography needs.

While there is a growing number of tiny video and still cams on the market, and I've tried out a few of them, the pic and vid quality just isn't at the level yet where I would be satisfied with the final product. For me, for now, there really is no substitute for full Hd video and 5mp+ stills. And I think it will be a few years until we see something like Super HD (3840x2160?) video in our living rooms.

So, I needed a platform which could carry the weight of my 1080 60p camcorder or my 10.1mp DSLR. (No, I'm not rich, I've just redirected my drinking money over the last few years to things of some worth.) -I've seen an 18mp DSLR advertized this Winter, but won't shell out the bucks for...Continue Reading