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Posted by Mr.Firemouth | Apr 24, 2012 @ 11:08 PM | 2,580 Views
Hello All,

I am now a 43 year old that is getting back into this hobby! Some 25 years ago I bought a cool top wing gas trainer with my Dad and we put it together. I remember gluing the balsa together, covering the plane, installing all the electronics and engine, etc. We were completely lost back then as there was no Internet forum to run to. We went out and sought help from a local club. We learned somethings, but back then the knowledge available today was not always available. The guy you might want to talk to might not be at the meeting. LOL

Once we got the plane ready to fly and took it to the field, we eagerly waited our turn to fly. Well, thankfully some guys came over and asked if it was the first flight and we said yes, and they immediately tore off the ailerons and rudder, etc. They said if they could pull them off they weren't glued in right and the wind would rip them apart! I was sooo mad, but happy too. Another week later and we were airborne with some help! We didn't have a buddy box, but we did pass the radio back and forth with a good pilot. We were stoked!

Then stupidity struck, and we went out on a windy day when no one was there and tried to fly solo. We took off with a tail wind at high speed and ground looped and destroyed the plane! That was an expensive mistake back then. We fizzled out of the hobby but I always wanted to get back into it.

Last year was that year! It has been 24 years, but I got bit again and started to teach myself how...Continue Reading