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Posted by DejaD | Feb 03, 2012 @ 07:38 AM | 1,195 Views
The re-paint of my v2 Shangri-La has begun. I have removed the red/white checkerboard decals along with the fighting cock ensignias. I gave each of these areas a very light sand to ensure that there was no residue left behind and am now ready to start the actual painting process.

Still trying to decide which of the colors to lay down first. I've decided to start by shooting the silver down the sides of the fuselage, then the black down the top of the fuse ahead of the canopy followed by the red around the fuse just aft of the cowl then down around the to the bottom of the fuse.
After that process is complete I'll do some detail and weathering work, shoot the entire plane with Polycryllic, apply the new graphics followed by a nother coat of Polycryllic.
This is my first real paint job on one of these birds and I am truly apprehensive about the whole thing. I have a very clear idea in mind of what I'm after in the finished product