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Posted by mandevil | Sep 26, 2011 @ 05:53 AM | 4,025 Views
I decided to give it a try and document my forthcoming Bixler build here.

I have been flying another SkySurfer (branded as Beta 1400 in local market) since the beginning of 2011). It was my first plane and I learned basic flying with it. Later I added GoPro HD camera for aerial videography and also dabbled a little in thermal and slope soaring. The plane repeatedly crashed in the early period, but I always managed to repair it into working order. Unfortunately, in August 2011 during landing attempt the plane ended on a high tree, from which we never managed to retrieve it. So I need to replace the plane with something suitable for video. After some searching, I came to conclusion that I just need the same plane. Meanwhile, Beta 1400 switched to V2 SkySurfer design, which did not seem to be well suited to my needs (moving battery further back blocked by servo beds). That left me with one option, Hobby King Bixler, which is still V1 SkySurfer design.

So I have ordered two Bixlers in kit form from Hobby King in one package from German store about three weeks ago. I ordered two to have source of spares (or the possibility to build another one if I manage not to need them). So far, this order is still in "backordered" state. The other package containing all the necessary parts including motor and ESC were ordered this past weekend. Unfortunately, there are also backordered items, so it is virtually assured that the Bixler won't be ready for my October vacation.

Also, I have disassembled two old hard drives and got three strong neodymium magnets that I hope to use as wing safe-locks.