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Posted by OLDTOM | Aug 05, 2011 @ 01:54 PM | 2,820 Views
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Just starting out at this, so yall be patiant with me please...
I flew rc planes and heli's for 20 years and give it up. But now I am starting back after about 15 yr's. I am old, disabled, ugly, grouchy and poor but other than that I'm a pretty nice guy. I built a little slow fly(airplane) and had so much fun hovering it I decided to build a tri. It did not fly with out gyros and control board?
O.K. these new electrics are different from gas! So I started reading I ended up here. Everybody here has helped me so much that I cannot begin to tell all of the ways, better than the clubs that I have been in in the past.
I will try first to load a couple of pic's for yall to look at and please comment, I like corrective critisim, makes ya think better.
If things don't upload correctly I will try again.
The tri flys great, now, the hex is not yet complete.

Everybody Keep smilin: Oldtom

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