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Posted by FPV_Habu_Flyer | Jun 28, 2014 @ 01:27 AM | 3,971 Views
Hey guys,

I have a question about my FPV system (and other FPV systems). I have been using 1.3Ghz video for a while and have recently moved to 2.3Ghz. I am trying to get into longer range flights, like 5-10 miles. However, one problem I seem to always have is a sort of grainy picture around 1-2 miles. There's no static or interference, just grainy video, and it is really annoying!

When I did an attenuated test of my system the other day, I could fly a comfortable 1500ft on 30db attenuation, which equates to almost 10 miles. However, when I go to make my actual flight, I start to get a hazy picture much sooner than that, at like 1 or 2 miles. Basically, the horizon gets blurry and the sky/ground starts to get pixley. This always seems to happen no matter what or where I fly. It does not happen in the attenuated test, so I am confused.

Most videos I have seen on Youtube have rock solid picture up until their system's limit.

If it would help, here is my current setup:

- 200mw 2305mhz tx/rx
- 480TVL cam
- IBCrazy cloverlead for tx
- IBCrazy 10dbi crosshair for rx

Here is a quick video of the grainy picture I took yesterday:

FPV Issue (3 min 50 sec)

What could I be doing wrong?


Posted by FPV_Habu_Flyer | Apr 03, 2012 @ 07:07 PM | - Views