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Posted by Ken Sampson | Mar 19, 2013 @ 05:46 AM | 3,364 Views
My 'shed' contains too many aircraft I've built over the last 6 years, (9 at last count), most are scale and relatively large, well, 8ft span and thereabouts, my last build was a 1/3 scale Fournier RF4 of 12-1/2ft - later modified with a new SF27 wing of 15ft with much thanks to Noel Rumers the wing's designer, now changing the plane's identity to SFS31 Milan.

Visiting the British Army's Middle Wallop airfield last September at a model meet introduced me to the DHC2 Beaver posing as 'Gate Guardian' outside the museum. That would make a very nice build - and possibly a great Tug, I thought.
After a couple of months contemplating the task I bought the Hostetler drawings, 62 - 75cc motor, Hmmmm!
Next I purchased a Zenoah 74cc twin and the dreamed of build task became a reality, - but only just, as I've started with the tail feathers and have just completed the fin and rudder, the rudder is now sheeted using 1/32 birch ply instead of 1/8" balsa because it is stronger, lighter and unlike balsa it resists compression.

The Z 74 motor is somewhat heavier and longer than the 62 depicted on the drawing - which has necessitated moving the firewall rearward by 1-1/4" (32mm) so that all fits inside the cowl.
The fuselage will be built differently by being split into two parts with the joint at F7 and will have standard gear, Why? Because the plane has to fit inside my Lexus SUV.
Transportation issues set the scale at 1/3rd approximately although I have built and flown full size. Build time with my other models has varied between 9 months and 18 months so I'm not headed for a quick finish...
So here we go: pics will follow later.