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Posted by Libtekguy | Mar 20, 2012 @ 01:43 AM | 3,799 Views
I'm having the worst luck with my Hobby King HK500. Its second flight; tail bracket that holds the rudder control arm failed and I lost tail control. Luckily I was only hovering and I landed with out any damage. I replace it with an Align part. The third flight, the HK tail blade grips failed and I lost tail control. Again, I was only hovering and didn't suffer any further damage. I replace the entire tail with an Align unit.

I have a few successful flights and then the HK head fails at the point where it's bolted to the main shaft. Keep in mind these failures weren't locktite issues. The bolts were usually still in the hardware, just sheered off.

I've planned on upgrading to FBL so I've reluctant to spring for an expensive Align head. I instead buy a knock off head from off eBay. This head worked great, I even sprung for some nice Align CF blades. Bam, tail failure. A screw in the tail unit stripped out and allowed the tail to loosen up enough to lose rudder control. I wasn't as lucky in the crash this time and hammered it in pretty hard. Broke a couple servo arms, the canopy, stripped the main gear, bent the hell out of the head, flybar and tail boom.

I decided to rebuild. A guy on eBay was selling the remaining parts of his Trex 500 for $65. This had everything and more that I needed. An Align head, and tail boom were all I was really after in that deal. I upgraded the main gear and motor pinion to a slant thread setup and replaced the servo arms....Continue Reading