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Posted by Libtekguy | Jan 10, 2012 @ 12:18 AM | 6,954 Views
I've built a couple field boxes now, both out of 1/8" ply with a number of cool features. My first box had a built in battery, electric pump and 60oz fuel tank along with a Hobbico Power panel and a dozen other cool features.

Now that I have gotten away from nitro and only do electric now (nothing against nitro, I just like the ease of LiPo better) I decided it was time for a new field kit. I didn't want to build another one out of wood because it took me a couple months to finish the last one. I also wanted something even more compact and easier to take to the field. I wanted it to carry my transmitter, charger, LiPos, a few tools and a power source. I looked at converting Craftsman portable tool boxes, but I thought it would be too difficult organizing the things inside it.

So I decided to convert a hard brief case ( to suit my needs. The "build" was easy, I pretty much just plucked out the foam in the shapes that I needed and cut the included dividers to length as well. I cut a hole for a speaker box terminal that accepts our commonly used banana plugs for access to my power supply Lipos (four cheap B-Grade 5000 mAh 3S LiPos from Hobby King).

When charging I set my charger on top of the case and plug into the power terminals on the outside, this way the charger has plenty of ventilation. I'm not worried about ventilating the power supply batteries because at full charging capacity I'...Continue Reading