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Posted by Libtekguy | Apr 21, 2015 @ 01:47 AM | 4,870 Views
I have had a few requests now about how I do my flight mode selection on ArduCopter with my Taranis. This is a short write up of a method I came up with (I doubt I'm the only one) using logic switches rather than a channel mix. I believe this way is a little more superior than the later because it gives positive engagements of flight mode with no error in accidentally selecting the wrong mode based on your switch combination. This works by giving certain switches the ability to override other switches. I have my Stabilize, Acro and Auto mode on one switch. That switch can be overridden by a second switch which controls Altitude hold and Loiter Mode. Last, a third switch puts it into RTL, and overrides the other two switches. I've only included the screens necessary to create this scheme. This setup also assumes you are using at least OpenTX 2.0

Flight Modes: I use these to give a display on the main screen to indicate which flight mode I am in.
Name: FM.PNG
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Mixes: Note here that channel 5 is blank. This is the channel that ArduCopter uses to pick flight modes. You can chose what you want channel 6-8 to be yourself.
Name: Mixer1.PNG
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Logic Switch: This provides the logic necessary to complete the mode switching. You'll need L1-L6 for mode selection. L7-L11 provide logic for arming/disarming notification.
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Posted by Libtekguy | Jan 19, 2015 @ 08:16 PM | 3,350 Views
Flight Club's Wingmen (2 min 34 sec)

Posted by Libtekguy | Jan 14, 2015 @ 08:18 PM | 3,116 Views
Was out flying FPV today and found a friend's long lost plane by accident.

Accidental search and rescue with my quadcopter. (4 min 34 sec)

Posted by Libtekguy | Jan 12, 2015 @ 11:41 AM | 3,478 Views
I researched and created a LP filter to allow the RSSI from a FrSky D4R-ii to be input into my DragonFly32 (Naze clone). I wrote the article up on a local forum:
Posted by Libtekguy | Dec 22, 2014 @ 04:37 PM | 4,001 Views
I think there has been some difficultly getting some satellite receivers bound to the TBS Gemini. Here is what I did to get it to work:

1) Bind a DSMX OrangeRX satellite to a DSM2 Spektrum AR6200 with the radio in DSM2 mode.

2) Hookup the satellite to the Gemini according to the instructions provided by the TBS Gemini manual, making sure you use the 3.3V position, not the 5V.

3) Ensure the Gemini is set to DSM2 mode and follow the other settings directions found the Gemini manual.

I figured this out by first trying to get a Spektrum DSM2 satellite to work with the Gemini. The problem was that the some of the channels weren't being received by the Gemini. So I tried using an OrangeRX DSMX satellite (in DSMX mode) that I had bound to an OrangeRX 8Ch receiver. The Gemini couldn't read anything at all. It made no difference if I had the Gemini set to DSM2 or DSMX mode. I also tried binding the Spektrum satellite to the R800 in DSM2 mode. No luck there either. So then I bound the OrangeRX satellite to the AR6200 in DSM2 mode and it worked! I had the R800 with satellite and the AR6200 with satellite on hand, so that's why I solved this problem the way I did. I was determined to not use a whole receiver with the Gemini.

Some other possibilities:
-My Spektrum satellite might have been bad? Doubtful though.
-I don't think I tried binding the OrangeRX R800 w/ satellite in DSM2 mode, which might have worked, negating the need to use an AR6200.
-Although the R800 bound to the DX6 just fine, I did not actually test any of the channels with servos to make sure it was actually receiving good instructions from the DX6. I really doubt this was the case though.
-A Spektrum DSMX RX and satellite will probably work just fine but I have not personally tested this.
Posted by Libtekguy | Mar 20, 2012 @ 01:43 AM | 3,798 Views
I'm having the worst luck with my Hobby King HK500. Its second flight; tail bracket that holds the rudder control arm failed and I lost tail control. Luckily I was only hovering and I landed with out any damage. I replace it with an Align part. The third flight, the HK tail blade grips failed and I lost tail control. Again, I was only hovering and didn't suffer any further damage. I replace the entire tail with an Align unit.

I have a few successful flights and then the HK head fails at the point where it's bolted to the main shaft. Keep in mind these failures weren't locktite issues. The bolts were usually still in the hardware, just sheered off.

I've planned on upgrading to FBL so I've reluctant to spring for an expensive Align head. I instead buy a knock off head from off eBay. This head worked great, I even sprung for some nice Align CF blades. Bam, tail failure. A screw in the tail unit stripped out and allowed the tail to loosen up enough to lose rudder control. I wasn't as lucky in the crash this time and hammered it in pretty hard. Broke a couple servo arms, the canopy, stripped the main gear, bent the hell out of the head, flybar and tail boom.

I decided to rebuild. A guy on eBay was selling the remaining parts of his Trex 500 for $65. This had everything and more that I needed. An Align head, and tail boom were all I was really after in that deal. I upgraded the main gear and motor pinion to a slant thread setup and replaced the servo arms....Continue Reading
Posted by Libtekguy | Jan 10, 2012 @ 12:18 AM | 6,961 Views
I've built a couple field boxes now, both out of 1/8" ply with a number of cool features. My first box had a built in battery, electric pump and 60oz fuel tank along with a Hobbico Power panel and a dozen other cool features.

Now that I have gotten away from nitro and only do electric now (nothing against nitro, I just like the ease of LiPo better) I decided it was time for a new field kit. I didn't want to build another one out of wood because it took me a couple months to finish the last one. I also wanted something even more compact and easier to take to the field. I wanted it to carry my transmitter, charger, LiPos, a few tools and a power source. I looked at converting Craftsman portable tool boxes, but I thought it would be too difficult organizing the things inside it.

So I decided to convert a hard brief case ( to suit my needs. The "build" was easy, I pretty much just plucked out the foam in the shapes that I needed and cut the included dividers to length as well. I cut a hole for a speaker box terminal that accepts our commonly used banana plugs for access to my power supply Lipos (four cheap B-Grade 5000 mAh 3S LiPos from Hobby King).

When charging I set my charger on top of the case and plug into the power terminals on the outside, this way the charger has plenty of ventilation. I'm not worried about ventilating the power supply batteries because at full charging capacity I'...Continue Reading