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Posted by gadorey | Sep 29, 2015 @ 11:03 AM | 2,147 Views
Well, after 4 years in Shanghai, my time there ended and I moved back to Europe. After verifying that all my babies arrived safely after spending 2 months in a container, the big work of reassembling all my models has started. Until now I've got my DJI NAZA M quad, a T-REX 500, my 500 size scale Cobra, the Dynam Waco and Dynam Cessna 188 AgWagon (AKA Dusty), and my Super Sky Surfer with all the FPV gear on it, re-completed and re-maidened on a different continent. I think it will take a year to get all my birds up and flying again....
Posted by gadorey | Apr 21, 2013 @ 04:23 AM | 3,422 Views
List of step by step instructions for programming mixes with a Spektrum Dx7 and Dx8. Some mixes I came up with myself, others were based on notes from what fellow posters taught me on some thread. Unfortunately, can't really remember who the members were for some of the mixes, so can't give them direct credit - sorry chaps.

- Aileron differential in several variations - with and without retracts or flaps, with 6 channel Rx or more. Usefull for all models.

- Differential Thrust for 2 engined models. Very usefull for my Catalina for taxiing in the water. From the Dynam Catalina thread.

- Shutting off nose wheel steering when retracted. Usefull for my P-38, saves the servo for the nose wheel steering. from the JPower P38 thread.

- Connecting a Eagle Tree 2D/3D Guardian, programming a 3pt switch for the flight modes, and still using aileron differential.

*** Use at your own risk!!! The mixes work for me, but I wrote the instructions afterwards so I might have overseen some steps along the way, or forgoten some detail which might cause disaster. Some mixes can also be done in other ways, and maybe can be simpler. So always try thrice on the bench before flying to make sure all is working as it should on your model.

Otherwise, constructive suggestions or corrections are always highly appreciated.