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Posted by RocketMouse | Dec 09, 2017 @ 03:32 PM | 1,073 Views
Maximum range of this LRS was not tested yet. You are welcome to be the first who will beat current 10km flight, but stop asking how far will it work - very far!
QLRS supposed to be better than any other current LRS that uses FSK modulation such as OpenLRS, ULRS etc.

First 10km flight
Lora vs FSK
RF LoRa link is 6835.94 bps
1.2GHz interference measurements
crappy 868MHz antennas
RF channel number included in payload, for better synchronization
ABLomas failed to use modules but all of them work! -> Why.
no need to solder anything to swd port

E62 module
E46-TTL-1W module
E32-433T30S module
Ebyte vs AS

QCZEK_LRS_Case 2 stl
reset the board feature

mavlink setup
mavlink setup 2
serMode and telemetry update rate
About the bluetooth

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