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Posted by RocketMouse | Dec 09, 2017 @ 02:32 PM | 3,389 Views
QLRS FW supports E32-TTL-1W and E32-TTL-100 HW + similar 868 modules

Maximum range of this LRS has not been tested yet. You are welcome to be the first who will beat current 12km flight, but stop asking how far will it work - too far!
QLRS supposed to provide better range than any other LRS that uses FSK modulation such as OpenLRS, ULRS etc.


Why is this project not opensource?
Originally Posted by qczek
Sorry, but currently there is no any developer interested in development, so sharing code only to starts someones commercial kick starer is not what i want to do
When I decide to stop development and there will be some not fixed bugs, i will release source code, don't worry.
If you are interested in any particular piece of coding i can share it no problem...

Supported protocols:

TX IN supports CPPM and uninvented SBUS both up to 16ch, and PXX (also know as XJT D8 and D16) input protocol. Sbus requires external inverter.
RX OUT supports CPPM up to 16ch or SBUS (it should work without external inverter).
RX M0 and M1 can be set as PWM out. But no Lbeep in this mode available. And this is killing me.


Telemetry setup:

mavlink setup
mavlink setup 2
About bluetooth
To use mavlink with iNav

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