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Posted by SDSURFnGLIDE | Sep 17, 2012 @ 12:59 PM | 4,581 Views
I finally got around to building a fully boxed GS with a monitor and switches and all that fun stuff.

Its actually a very simple no frills GS but i tried to make this as clean as possible.
Here is a list of what is in it;

Monitor is a 9" Panisonic that i got from Ebay for like 30 bucks.
2 blue led voltmeters
Powered by 2 3s 5000 mah batteries..
Readymade RC 5.8 system
I have both a CP 5turn Helical and a CP SPW for the VTx..planning on diversifying when funds are available...for now i am using the Helical.
I am also using the Vuzix Wrap 920's in a ski goggle mod...
Then various switches and a power distro board as well...

Here are the pics......Continue Reading