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Posted by avi8tor0 | Mar 07, 2012 @ 08:29 PM | 5,552 Views
Need mixes for your ER9X flashed FlySky or Turnigy 9X so you can set a throttle hold and use the throttle/rudder stick to pan and tilt your camera?

Here are my mixes to help get you there:

CH01: +100%AIR
CH02: +100%ELE
CH03: +100%THR
R +100% Switch(ELE) noTrim Curve(c3)
CH04: +100%RUD
R +100% Switch(ELE) noTrim Curve(c4)
CH05: R +100%CH5 Switch(ID2) noTrim Curve (c1)
CH06: +100%P3 noTrim (Front Knob on Transmitter)
CH07: +100%RUD Switch(ELE) noTrim
+100%P1 noTrim (To use the Left Top Knob on the radio for Tilt)
CH08: +100%THR Switch(ELE) noTrim
+100%P2 noTrim (To use the Right Top Knob on the radio for Pan)


Curve 1 -100, -100, -100, -100, -100 (for 3 pos switch)
Curve 3 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 (Half Throttle)
Curve 4 0, 0, 0 ,0 ,0 (Don't move the rudder)

Safety Switches:

CH3 AIR Value -125 ((Make sure your Extended Limits is checked on the Setup Tab))

CH5 ID0 Value 100

When you switch the ELE switch to on, several things happen. First, the throttle is set to 60%. Curve 3 is where you set what percentage you want for throttle.
Curve 4 does not allow the rudder move when the rudder stick is moved. You don't want your rudder turning you while panning for example. Channel 7 is tied to your rudder stick. This channel is plugged into my Pan Servo.

Channel 8 controls my tilt and the throttle stick controls it.

WARNING!!! Remove your prop before you test this. It will turn the motor on!

Need a Return to Home switch for your throttle:

Go to your Safety Switches and add your switch to Channel 3. Set the value to -125. I know for Eagle Tree you can set this lower range and the OSD recognizes anything below -100 as out of range and sets RTH.

I have an EEPE file that I am using for my Bixler. Tested and works fine. Still trying to get used to using the stick for pan and tilt but I like it!
Let me know if you see something not right here.