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Posted by sirs69 | Jun 22, 2011 @ 05:01 PM | 2,848 Views

I just started building a TREX 250 super SE combo a couple weeks ago. I didn't quite realize what a big deal it was to get this thing running. I knew it would be a challenge though. All in all, it's fairly easy to build even though the instructions are pathetic and are mainly just diagrams. Even for a beginner like me, it just proves that any amount of patience can result in a flying heli.

Right now it's in flying condition. My first successful flight last night. I tested it in my basement and got too close too the ceiling, wrecked the blades but luckily nothing else. Other than that, was able to hover fine and move around the room. I intentionally didn't buy a pitch gauge so I could learn to 'eyeball' the pitch first. I got the blade tracking straight within a couple hours. I'll buy a gauge though shortly.

Dealing with the wiring. I thought it would be a bit easier, but I'm finding that this braided sleeving is a pain to work with. This is the 1/4" sleeve and heatshrink, and is my first. 1/4" is just too big and doesn't look good when bent as a result. Not to mention the heatshrink being too large.

The problem I have mainly is the wires show around the servos when there are bends involved, making it look bad. I ordered some 1/8" sleeve and wrap, in the UV blue color. The blue that's pictured isn't to my liking. Also, I think I'll be having to cut the connectors off and recrimp pins, because they won't fit through the sleeving. I bought some pins as well.

Other than that, I ordered a few sets of extra blades. I plan to keep practicing in the basement, but can't wait to get outside on nice days. This thing is intimidating to fly, my only other CP is an MCPx