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Posted by 92PathSE | May 14, 2012 @ 09:07 AM | 5,241 Views
Finally decided to upgrade this thing. My friend has done of few brushless conversions on these planes, so I dropped it off at his house so he could build/adapt a motor mount for it. I got it back 24 hours later with everything already installed. Totally wasn't expecting that. Now I owe him some money.

Motor: E-Flight Park 450 890kv
ESC: E-Flight 25 Pro (EFLA1025)
Servos: HS81 (x2)
RX: AR500
Prop: MAS 10x7 3-blade

I'm going to hopefully use the stock HZ 1300mAh 3S batteries. 15C rating appears to be enough for this setup. The battery stayed reasonably cool in a bench test. I need to get my hands on a watt meter just to make sure my math is correct.

The stock SC electronics will live on in another project which will be revealed soon.