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Posted by RCFLYBOY1 | Nov 15, 2011 @ 06:05 AM | 3,081 Views
I am sitting around at 4am and thinking of a new plane.I really like a beaver,Those big fat bouncy tires for landing in the snow in Alaska.The old weathered red and white paint scheme.That wonderful springy landing gear.Maybe FLOATS ??? A good size would be a 50 inch span.Removable wing for easy transport.Plenty of electric power or maybe gasser.Could there be one out there on a shelf or in a cabinet or even on the floor no not the floor.I guess once the sun comes up I could start my search.Is it possible will I find my perfect Beaver?I wonder are plans available or a KIT could be an ARF maybe a RTF? Could it be will my search for that perfect plane end or is all this just a DREAM?? I am off to my layzboy for some more ZZZZZZZZSS