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Posted by nasgul | Jan 11, 2012 @ 09:51 PM | 4,061 Views
well. what more can i say.......

out one afternoon, got it set up perfect, several flights beforehand, no issues. everything goes ok, flying good, then, for no reason, shoots off and forwards like a bat-out-of-hell and dissappears!!!!!!! no response from any tx commands!!!!!!

now, after a fair trek up the downs area where i was, no sign of it, anywhere. thought it was lost for good....... a few days pass, and a friend calls to say that his father owns some land near some wind-turbines, and was walking his dog when he found something odd, some rc gadget????
he brings it down, and guess what? flydumini! except, mangled! well and truly! said his dad found it around 100ft away from one of the turbines, mashed to hell, but all there.
sadly, my camera is playing up, but as soon as i get it sorted i shall show pic. only salvageable part i can see is the prop adapters!

funny thing is, the turbines are about 3 miles from where i fly on good calm days! and if thats bad, to be roughly abused (i assume) by a turbine blade? mad.

if one of those blades break.... dont blame me....... or flydumini......