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Posted by ryancsmith | Aug 07, 2011 @ 10:06 PM | 7,088 Views
I just got done with a test flight on Real Flight 5.5 with my USB2PPM cable and a CH Pro Joystick. This had been an idea I brewed one day while at work to test fly using the joystick before I used it in the real world. I have a USB Sim Dongles and thought it might work if I connect the cables to each other. It worked better than I had expected and is easy to set up.

1. Flytron USB2PPM Cable and Software from site...The one with 3.5mm JR End
2. USB Joystick
3. USB Sim Dongle.. Can be found at dealextreme.com, Hobbyking.com ect...
4. Copy of Real Flight 5.5....untested but may work on others
5. Stereo Coupler or Stereo Splitter Cable.. Radio Shack #2741555

1. Plug in the Flytron USB2PPM cable w/JR End.
Wait a sec for windows to do it's thing

2.Plug in your Joystick.
Wait a sec for windows to do it's thing

3. Configure your Joystick in the Compufly software.
Reverse the throttle if needed ect....

4. Connect USB Sim Dongle and plug in stereo/mono cable
Wait a sec for windows to do it's thing

5. Connect the cable from the USB2PPM and from the USB Sim Dongle into a coupler. You can use a Y splitter cable if you have one. Just let the other end hang. Or a Stereo Coupler form Radio Shack #2741555

6. Start Real Flight and configure your controller.
I had problems going through the whole Calibration thing but when you do your Max and Min a few times and just exit it works....Continue Reading