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Posted by BaddLlama | Apr 12, 2011 @ 04:59 PM | 1,715 Views
Ugh! This is a hobby. It started out small. It is now turning into the mountain from a small mole hill.

We all get hellicopters for gifts. Purchased from the mall. Thats how it starts. The heli then crashes and we all struggle to get parts. We learn our lesson and move on. At least the smart ones do! I was never very smart. I bought another heli. A better one that I proceed to crash and repair several times and fly it some more. As my interest grows I end up on the internet looking at this and that. I watched the you tube videos of builds, fly bys and crashes and then I see it. A warbird! I must have it! Growing up my father and older brother built and flew control line planes. I wanted that, but today is better. There are electric RC planes for under $200 dollars that are RTF out of the box. I.......MUST.......HAVE.......THAT.......PLANE!

AS it turns out, my coworkers chipped in and got it for me as a Xmas gift. I assemble it and wait for a nice, calm day to fly it. In the mean time I get a simulator and practice. I got real good on simu. Finally, the day comes that is perfect. I set out to fly my Messerschmitt! I try and try, but I just cant do it. I crash it many times without really flying it, but I have been bitten! I am a RC Airplane junkie! I want more!

I fix my plane and immediately go out and buy another! A cessna 182. I am told it is a great trainer plane. It looks real pretty! I am afraid to fly it in fear of crashing it. I fix my Messerschmitt and I am determined to get it in the air. I think I will try a hand launch!

Now I am looking for a better transmitter. I will invest in a good one so I can feed my plane jones by purchasing ones that I can bind to my better radio! I am a sick mutha-!