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Posted by RedRanger | Nov 19, 2011 @ 08:06 PM | 3,816 Views
This is a funny story. My father was forced to buy a new fridge as the old one died suddenly. Of course I was called because I own a truck. Go pick up the fridge, move old fridge and install new fridge and then get rid of old fridge. So I am calling this story "I bought some foam that came with a new fridge!"
Anyway, the fridge came with some nice 14mm EPS(styrofaom) sheets. They were just perfect in dimensions for the BFU.
I printed the one sheet plan and transferred all the measurements to the EPS. I cut it out with a xknife instead of my hotwire cutter. Was just easier. I was concerned that this foam was to flimbsy but once it started going together I was surprised at its rigidity.
The EPS has a few imperfections so I do not know if I will cover the wings in tape or spackle,sand and minwax
Want to put the Park480 in but I don't have it yet so may try this

Just have the control rods and horns to install and she is ready for the power system.


Posted by RedRanger | Nov 13, 2011 @ 10:53 PM | 4,196 Views
My Tricopter builds as described by David from , and with many thanks I might add!

First version has:

3x 2213N 800Kv motors
3x 18 SS Series ESC's
HK KK board V1
1x16g servo
3 - 9.4.7 props
2200mah 3S 30C Lipo
2 lengths black and red silicone 16 gauge wire
1 - 3/8x4' aluminium "U" channel(made for 1/4 plwood floor board)
3.5mm bullet connectors
3/16", 1/4", and 1" heatshrink tubing
M3x30mm stainles Socket head cap screws
M3 stainless flat washers and M3 Nyloks nuts
M2.5x25mm stainless Hex cap screws
M2.5 stainless nuts, flat washers and lock...Continue Reading
Posted by RedRanger | Oct 20, 2011 @ 01:00 AM | 3,857 Views
I started using a lot of $tree foam for scratch builds and.........rebuilds Everyone crashes. I got tired of using the knife and rulers. Read up on hot wire cutters. I am a fan of "KISS".........KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! I found this design and hook up.

Simple wood construction that becomes its own work surface and then cleans up nice for storage. Easy to hook up to power source and in my opinion relatively safe for me to use

My power source is a car battery charger that has a 6 to 12 volt switch. This output I found nice as it changed the amps just enough for two kinds of cutting strength. 6 volts was good for more precision and 12 volt for regular cutting of templates.

I spend time on printed plans now in order to create good templates for the future. I can cut out a whole plane in 5 minutes once the templates are made and remake needed parts for repair quickly.

My build is the first series of photo's. Obviously proffesionally cut, trimmed and sanded to perfection using the highest quality of products
The second series of photos are from the forum it stole this from. The measurements are handy and work for the guitar wire I am using.

Has saved me countless hours on cutting.


E....Continue Reading
Posted by RedRanger | Oct 18, 2011 @ 06:56 PM | 3,777 Views
This was the very first scratch build I did. Also the reason I got back into RC flying again. Hadn't touch a plane since I was twelve and had PT47 I think with an 0.049 engine on control wires and I built the Gentle Lady sail plane.
Anyway, I did a whole lot of reading on RCGroups and finall y took the plunge and bought everything required for my first build.

I bought
2 HS55 Hitec servos
Eflite Park370 1360kv
Castle Creations Thunderbird 18amp ESC
Thunder Power 3S 11.1 1350mah lipo
Spektrum DX7
AR6110e reciever.

This is what I came up with. The Hydro One from plans and a lot of learning experience.
Winter is coming again and this thing is ideal for the snow. You can boot around the snow covered fields and then lift off for some cool air time. I love this machine!

After a little repair and needed strengthening she is back up and running. I have a second larger one to complete for this season...Continue Reading