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Posted by choochoo22 | Oct 18, 2014 @ 01:22 AM | 6,145 Views
Attached is an updated version of the Guardian New User's Guide. This version has been updated to include the features added with the Eagle Tree software release 10.63 and firmware 1.24 and later. Also included are a few new tips that have surfaced since V1 was published over a year ago. (How time flies!)

For new users with software 10.52 and earlier, please consider upgrading. 10.52 has been discontinued. The current firmware is 10.65 which is the same as 10.63. If you choose not to upgrade, follow the original New User's Guide below. The main features added in 10.63 are bulleted here with more detail in this link:
  • Modes may be assigned to each position of the mode switch, with or without heading hold.
  • A provision was added for setting the level in flight and buttons for tweaking the level in the user interface.
  • A button was added to re-zero the gyros.
  • The 3D "center stick" zone was adjusted to make fine control movements smoother.
I hope this document will ease the transition into Guardian flying for many new users, and maybe encourage some existing users to move to the newer software/firmware. It really is worth making the change.

Special thanks to the following contributors and all those who offered their thoughts and suggestions in the RC-Groups Guardian thread and, of course, Eagle Tree for making such a fine product.
  • Prof100
  • Snowflake6515
  • JayY
  • BobbiesBrother
Posted by choochoo22 | Oct 17, 2013 @ 01:07 AM | 10,589 Views
An explanation of how power flows through a Guardian equipped system to the servos and some strategies for managing installations with higher power servos.
Posted by choochoo22 | Jul 27, 2013 @ 05:38 AM | 12,552 Views
The attached pdf is a Guide for new users of the Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D.

The manual is loaded with information but it seems to be hard for first time users to put the needed pieces together to complete their installation. This guide is written primarily as a how-to. It is organized in a way that should make it easy to follow at different stages and includes some things that have been learned along the way in this forum, including some suggestions for various options and FAQs as an appendix.

I'm hoping it will be useful to newcomers.