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Posted by adrenahelin | Oct 16, 2012 @ 12:09 AM | 3,824 Views
build info for X250 Spider from Terri, purchased 09/17/12
some photos of kit
will add links related to build and setup etc.

i used ukarmy04's site RC Tutor as a guide to assemble the frame and install the motors ans esc's.:

ready for setup and tuning, unable to upload the 2.1 version of s/w so i 'll use the default 2.0? v. to start.
using Futaba t6ex radio, r617fs rec., had to reverse the throttle channel.

i used tc3wins videos in the x250 thread to help w/ arduino and the mwc gui:

macinr has a workaround for the upload failure, link:

i already had this programmer on order from HK, not sure if it will work on this board though.:

almost ready for a test hover, had to use full epa, 140 on the Futaba for some channels to get in the 950 to 1950 range and left rear motor spins up a little faster than the rest, tried recal. the esc but no change. also need to solder connectors on a 3s 1300mah Blue lipo from hobbypartz.
(thanks Fester 1 for advising use of epa to adjust the channels)...Continue Reading