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Posted by HaleyB | Nov 04, 2010 @ 06:28 PM | 3,248 Views
Please do not PM me about moderation issues. I do not handle bans of users, and even if I did I could not respond to your requests by PM, anyways.

If you PM me about moderation issues or site suggestions, you will be redirected to the appropriate place. I will not respond to moderation issues by PM.

Just a reminder:
If you would like to report a user or post, you may click on the post you find offensive (or any post if you are reporting the user's user name, user title, avatar, etc.). From the post you can click on "report this post to a moderator," and you will receive instructions from there. The moderators will always be happy to sort out these issues in a friendly manner through this system. You can do the same thing with PMs that you find offensive, but the icon to report the post in the upper right corner may look slightly different.

For any suggestions or comments about moderation or the site in general, please post in Site Suggestions. Your posts are heard! Even if admins do not respond to your thread directly, we are monitoring your comments. If you report a site problem or suggestion to me by PM, I will direct you to Site Suggestions.

I'm sure you can understand why administrators and moderators do not respond to moderation issues by PM. The moderation system is anonymous. When a moderator reads a post, they do not initially know who posted it, and the user does not know the identity of the moderator who infracts it. If a mod handles moderation...Continue Reading