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Posted by twmonroe | Apr 12, 2011 @ 03:10 PM | 2,724 Views
Well, I have been sitting here for some time, enjoying my PZ gunfighter brushless for a couple of months now..its a great flyer BUT..

No retracts, no flaps...

So I had been checking out something a bit more...advanced. Checked out FMS, Hanger 9 and some of the other larger foamies in the electric warbirds area..but I really wanted to get away from foam to something that was a bit stronger and able to handle the occasional hard landing (read hard landing, not crash)

I've been pretty good on successful belly landings with the pz, remembering, of course, that its a park flyer and not a truly scale warbird. Don't get me wrong..the PZ is a great flyer for some fun at the local open field or park when safe to do so.

Most of the guys at my RC club are flying aircraft twice the size of the pz..and to keep up with the Jones's so to speak I've decided to go for a larger warbird.

I stumbled across while checking out various online outlets for large electric warbirds. People have done electric conversions for the ESM line before but I'm not sure if I'm going to go electric. because the main thing is the battery cost of trying to power an Eflite power 160 or equiv for any length of decent flying time.

Batteries would still be required to run the rx and servos on a "gasser" but not near as large. Decisions decisions. I have finally decided to make the decision of electric or gas powered once the airframe is here and I get a good close look at...Continue Reading