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Posted by askman | Nov 29, 2012 @ 05:54 PM | 13,990 Views
well, It seem like I've been getting this question asked a lot recently with release of my new AP/AV multicopter frames. So I want to spend some time today to discuss the consideration for deciding what size multicopter frame to choose.

When I began my multicopter journey, I started out with spectrolution board. it was first "Affordable" controller at mere 450 bucks and came with 3 axis of gyro and thermal levelling system (similar to fma copilot . OMM (oldmanmike) was using small outrunners with 10" epp props and I was one of the first to use dt700/750 in multicopters. Since we were mostly doing still photos and crude video, the airframe was very simple and crude by today's standard.

fast forward 4 years and now, multicopters have become ubiquitous. With all the variety of choices, it has become more confusing to choose, so I wanted to share some basic criteria.

Much as Hexacopter has been popular in US (this due to certain reasons that has to do with availability of small motor and props more than anything) we find coaxial type of multi does much better in windy situation. In general, quad is no worse than hexa in most cases and cheaper. While lightely loaded hexa will offer some protection against motor outage, this is rarely the case in AP. Also in general, bigger disk area means worse wind performance. That is why we have settled on quad, y6 and x8(both coaxial) form of multi as being ideally suited....Continue Reading