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Posted by askman | Mar 27, 2012 @ 11:48 AM | 9,168 Views
Sorry for lack of updates:

We've been busy with servo issues for last couple weeks, and that has delayed our product launches. I am almost done with the new Airplane/Slow Stick setup and should have sample pic this week. new heli LG system is almost ready for testing as well. (I am trying to make a sample this week as well) lot of work going on as we push for product release of multicopter gimbals. Should update my website this week as well with some products being offered.

For airplane, we are testing KK board to stabilize the plane instead of stabilizing the gimbal. I believe this may be a good option for many. KK board combined with happysunday's openaero firmware looks to work really well. I will be using nano version of the code with older HK-kk board and full version with my blackboard. I will also test openCC board with gimbal control later on as well using tilt only stabilization and dual stabilization using 2 axis belt driven airplane gimbals.

Heli LG system will use proven multicopter gimbals. it will be offered with nex5 sized gimbal for 50 sized and DSLR gimbal for 90sized. tilt only will have adjustable roll angle to give you lvl video while hovering. 50sized should be available in 2-3 weeks while 90size is still 1 month out. with gimbals already being tested, just the LG unit needs to be tested for strength and manufacturability.